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June 16th, 2016

Faster, Better, Efficient: Amazing Tips And Tricks To Keep Your PC In Shape

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Be it school students or grandpas, it is always annoying for everyone to sit around troubleshooting computer problems and trying out solutions. Trying to keep PC running smoothly feels like an impossible task. The computer seems to take forever to boot or exhibits alien behavior. With regular maintenance and a bit of effort, it is possible to keep your PC in shape. Keeping it in shape not only enhances your online experience but also protects your PC from virus attacks and spamming activities. If your computer is always running slow, then following basic maintenance can help improving the performance.  The tips, which are covered below, come quite handy for the casual users. They will help in keeping the system clean, updated and protected from potential threats.

1. Clean Off The Dust

PCs are allergic to dust as dust makes the PC trap heat, which can result in reducing its performance as well as lifespan. The easiest way is to clean it with compressed air. Keep the PC covered when not in use so that it does not accumulate a lot of dust. You can even buy a PC cleaner solution to clean the sticky residue or dirt.

2. Run Antivirus And Spyware Scans Regularly

Any computer with internet connection needs antivirus software. There are tremendous varieties available, everything from Virus Vanish to the enterprise-level solution. Install whatever you like best and monitor the system for threats. It is not necessary to run daily scans, however, ensure you scan your PC at least once in a month. Keeping the viruses away can help your PC breathe and run appropriately.

3. Update Everything

Don’t avoid hardware or software updates as it can slow down the PC. Check for Window updates, software patches or updated drivers. If you have installed different software, update them timely. The right update is necessary to address problems you have been dealing with.

4. Keeping Things Tidy

After cleaning off the dust, you need to keep everything tidy. Keep your Window register clean as it contains a record of things, which goes inside and comes out of your computer. The registry contains references to settings and values for the operating system, the programs, user profiles, etc. Disk cleanup, keeping space in the hard drive and many other similar steps are necessary to maintain the PC. You can grab a good PC cleaner like System Care Pro and keep the junk out of your PC.

5. Think Before You Download Anything

People often download songs, software and many other things from the internet, which can harm your computer. Ensure that whenever you download anything, be it a movie, song, software, etc. you download from a trustworthy software. Refrain yourself from downloading and installing unknown software programs to keep your PC protected.

6. Empty The Recycle Bin Of Your PC

We all are aware of what a recycle bin does. It stores all the files, which we delete. Such files keep on adding on the bin eating up the storage space on the PC, which results in slow speed and poor performance of the computer. Whenever you delete some file, permanently ensure pressing shift and delete rather than pressing only the delete button. You can check your recycle bin regularly and delete the files you think you will not need again. However, do not remove important files permanently.

7. Defrag Your Hard Drive

Defragmenting your hard drive is important to keep your PC in order. It helps in putting files in the order in the hard drive. It is always a good idea to run a disk defragmenter to minimize file fragmentation and improve the perceived performance of the hard drive. With step-by-step directions, one can defragment the PC or connect with the techies for help.


With the tips on how to maintain your computer, you must have realized that making your computer run fast and protect it from virus and spam is not difficult and, in most cases, not expensive. Deleting unnecessary programs and files can help you get rid of computer sluggishness. You can restore your PC to its full speed and avoid slow computer issues without any hassle.

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