Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

At DigitalBulls, customers are entitled for refund under the following conditions:

  • Requisites needed to solve the problem are there and the issue was not resolved till the time account was active.
  • The issue is out of box for the particular plan.
  • The problem shows up prior to 15 days after our techie last solved the issue.

If there is any doubt or confusion, how to reach you?

Anytime you are confused about how we work or anything, reach us at (855) 422-8557 to schedule a free question & answer session with our expert advisors.

What kind of subscription plans you offer?

We offer the following 4 plans:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Platinum

Please note, all plans have different price rate depending on the services they cover.

What is the difference between the silver, gold, diamond and platinum subscription?

The silver subscription plan is the basic. It includes system cleaning software, antivirus software and 3% discount on Estore. The other plans have different benefits. Every plan has something additional than the previous ones.

Can I really save money by purchasing extended warranty?

In every case, an extended warranty or maintenance agreement allows one for cost savings. With extended warranty, you can call us and take help anytime you need. Regularly scheduled service ensures that your device is at peak condition.

How long will it take to repair my device?

As every case is different, we provide solutions on an individual basis. When you call or email us, immediately the best suited technician is at task to resolve the problem.

Is it necessary to take membership plan?

Not at all! Take assistance to tackle technical faults with our one-time support plan. One-time plan offers:

  • Virus removal plan
  • Wi-Fi setup plan
  • Tablet setup plan
  • PC tune up plan
  • Printer support plan
  • Free diagnostic service

What if my PC is facing serious issues repeatedly?

If your system is facing technical errors or not working properly, our free diagnostic service will get to the bottom of the cause behind the issue. By testing all the hardware and software components, our experts will determine the underlying cause, explain it to you and resolve it with best possible solution.

Are there any online tech support classes?

Yes of course! DigitalBulls proudly offers online technical classes to seniors and elders. Learning tech support services is easy with our trained instructors.

Do you offer antivirus support?

Yes, our exclusive antivirus software, Virus Vanish ensures 24/7 protection from cyber frauds and virus attack. Features you get with this tool:

  • Detailed scanning
  • E-mail virus protection
  • Removable device scanning
  • Quick, full and custom scan
  • Anti-rootkit technology
  • Removal of unwanted cookies
  • Secure file eraser, etc.

What solutions you provide for overall protection of a PC?

Our PC cleaner tool, System care pro keeps the system clean, optimized & organized by monitoring and cleaning the junk files. This easy to install amazing software covers:

  • PC cleanliness, both inside & outside
  • Registry cleaning
  • Protection against crashes & freezes
  • Defragmentation
  • Automatic scan
  • Slow computer fix

Can I request a specific technical support representative by name?

We are pleased to know when you are happy with our support. We try to honor your request and connect you with the specific technician in a timely manner. Your preference is our first priority.

What is the procedure for providing a solution?

We have a simple process. Call on our toll free number @ (855) 422-8557, ask your query, get step-by-step guidance or remote help and make payment. You can also connect with us through online query form, email or live chat and get best solution.

How can we get in touch in future?

We are always available @ (855) 422-8557. You can also send us an email whenever you want to connect with us.

How can I make the payment?

We accept all debit and credit cards. You can also pay through your Paypal account or fill the online check for easy payment.