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Protect your computer from cyber frauds and foul plays with Virus Vanish Antivirus software designed by the 24/7 technical support experts, DigitalBulls. Loaded with wonderful features, the software is easy to install and takes just a few seconds. Once the user hits the download button, they are guided with the installation process. Now, you can scan your system thoroughly and identify whether your PC has any bugs or not. If not, congrats; however, if there are those irritating malwares or viruses, remove them in no time and keep your system clean.

Unlike other antivirus software, Virus Vanish, the best free antivirus, is free from troubles and complications. After fixing the issues, it enables the users to scan through the results. Total count of threats solved is generated to keep transparency with the customers. One of the best things about this top antivirus is that it allows one to stay away from the stress of remembering when to scan the PC the next time. Yes, you read it right, as your system gets scanned on a scheduled basis. To offer complete security, automated scan feature is available.

So, what are the cool benefits to avail? Check out these amazing features, which are designed exclusively for the users to offer 360-degree protection every day every second.

The Incredible Features

  • All Round Protection: Virus Vanish is the best antivirus software as it not just detects virus but also detectsbots, spyware, malwares and Trojans. Once found, the bug is discarded the very moment.
  • Easy Installation: No hassle, no trouble, as it gets installed in fraction of seconds. The software is light and completely in compliance with the comfort of users.
  • In-Depth Scanning: Other antivirus may skip some of the very complicated and harmful viruses but with Virus Vanish, there is no such scope. The database gets updated on its own to keep troubles at bay.
  • E-Mail Virus Protection: Infected e-mails are a direct channel to spread virus throughout the system. Virus Vanish understands this and offers security against Outlook Express, Windows e-mail and e-mail programs through SMTP and POP3.
  • Highly Developed Anti-Rootkit Technology: If there is any rootkit in the PC, it will be scanned, detected and eliminated for 100 percent protection by the best antivirus for PC.
  • Removable Device Scanning / USB Protection: Install USBs and other removable devices without any worry, as they will be scanned automatically.
  • Secure File Eraser: Permanently delete all the details of useless or irrelevant files using the “Erase files with Virus Vanish” option. With no unnecessary leftovers, there is no threat to the speed of the computer.
  • Scheduled Scans: Restrict the types of scans that can be scheduled as per your comfort and ease. Any type and every type of pre-configured or custom scans can be run.
  • Quick, Full, And Custom Scans: Whether one wants quick scan, custom scan or full scan, it is all possible with this helpful software.
  • Quarantine To Restore Detected Files: There are times when threat detected is not 100% accurate. In such cases, Virus Vanish auto-process those threats to be quarantined and resort later.
  • Removes Unwanted Browser Cookies: Defected and remove all the useless browser cookies easily.
  • Automatic Updates: The automatic update feature ensures protection of PC every second by updating the software automatically.

Besides these, there are a lot more features that will provide best virus protection keep and privacy of every PC intact and robust. Staying away from cyber threats is now easy and guaranteed.

Hurry up! Make Virus Vanish yours by downloading it now.

Virus Vanish