Pop Up Blocker

Pop-ups are most blatant along the sides and tops of our computer screens, as they are designed to incite clicks. Interrupting browsing and popping up in front of videos & articles are the usual ways these pop-ups irritate the user. With technology growing each day, pop-up messages are getting more discreet. They don’t shout but whisper in ways that lead to consequences later.

Getting away with the bombardment of pop-ups gets easy with a good pop-up blocker. However, acting too quickly or irrationally is something users need to avoid. DigitalBulls understands the needs of its clients and therefore, provides ‘Pop-up blocker’ service that’s dependable, unique and affordable.

General Browser Pop-ups

Also known as basic pop-ups, they appear when user surfs the Web. The advertisement windows pop-up under the browser window when Web pages are viewed. Multiple windows appear in some cases that interfere with one’s ability to read.

Spyware Pop-ups

These malicious program unwittingly install when user is installing something else. Besides privacy issues, these pop-ups also monitor the surfing habits, change browser settings & homepage and install unwanted toolbars.

Some spyware flood the system with too many pop-ups and use large portions of system resources and hard drive space that it leads to slow speed of the system. Not only this but sometimes the computer gets damaged completely.

How We Excel?

Our ‘Pop-up blocker’ service is more than just a usual benefit. Apart from blocking pop-ups, we also offer protection against banner, video ads and more. Adding on to these perks is the exclusive feature that allows users to hide their online activity tracks and history from ad firms through protection filters. Also, it prohibits social media buttons from creating user’s profile. In other words, we provide ultimate solution to get rid of irrelevant pop-ups, videos and everything.


  • Protection from pesky long ads and downloads
  • Clean & trouble-free browsing experience
  • Blocking malicious windows that intend to harm the PC
  • Safety against viruses and malware pop-ups that install automatically
  • Protection against spyware that enters the computer through peer-to-peer sites
  • Freedom to filters ads one wants to see and doesn’t want to see
  • Safeguards the PC whether connected or disconnected to the Internet
  • Notification regarding latest pop-up threats

Why DigitalBulls?

We provide 24/7 assistance for home and business needs. Reach out to us via our toll-free number and our technical executive will get in touch with you with prompt and up-to-date solutions. Contact us and let pop-ups and ads take a back seat.

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