I was pleased with the results I got concerning my email & google problems. A lot of time spent with me on this & also setting my new laptop up. They had to be very patient because I am pre t t y slow on this stuff. Thanks Guys.


I am very satisfied with digitalbulls' service. Max White calls every month & checks my computer monthly. I have been problem free because of digitalbulls' service. Mike Aderhold, West Yellowstone, MT

Michael W. A

I CAN SAY THAT I HAVE VERY LITTLE COMPUTER SKILLS AND WHAT I HAVE SEEN THIS COMPANY DO IS GRACIOUSLY AWESOME. i could not get this note book to behave but i was told their will no longer be an issue. this is awesome this was well worth what i paid for the services to Digitalbulls .Thank you Sarah

Virginia K

Technicians, particularly my main contact, Max White, have been very helpful in fixing problems that have occurred, and in giving me advice, guidance and instructions in addition to the monthly review and cleanup of my equipment.. I have been very pleased with the services.


I have been very pleased with the skill and attentiveness shown to me by Liza. She has kept our phone appointments so I did not have to wait, is able to work on my laptop while I'm not here so I can do other things, and has guided me through step by step actions that I had to take. I am impressed by the professionalism shown by her and others that I have talked to, and have recommended them to my friends.

Virginia K

steve was honest about my being a fool with the last company i tried to get to fix my computer. He then helped me fix a couple things so the Microsoft was accesaible again, and answered a couple questions. He explained why his name is Steve and now all is good again. The session was reasonably priced. thanks jane

Jane k