Louis Alessi
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Louis has attended many college courses in his young age. Though he never finished his education, he has accomplished a lot in his lifetime. Professionally, Louis is a quintessential entrepreneur, who owned and operated four B.P. service stations grossing over $10,000,000 a year in revenue. Moreover, he has been the president of two mortgage lending companies closing over 5,000 loans in a five-year period. He was the winning lender for the Tampa Bay area in 2006. In his leisure time, Louis has accomplished much in his bowling career by winning 300 game for a total of 78 times. Not only this but he has also won two professional bowling titles (regional’s), which are the striking feature on his bowling resume. In 1976, he was the youngest bowler at the time to bowl a 300 game in Long Island, N.Y. Louis was also inducted into the Upper Pinellas Bowling Association’s Hall of Fame.

Louis feels there is no challenge too large to undertake and succeed at. His mentality of never giving up has served him well in business and life.

Maria Teresa Runge
Chief Financial Officer

Born in Philippines and raised in Germany, Maria is fluent in three languages. At an early age, she learnt that the answer to overcome adversity is to work hard and always strive for knowledge. She has owned and operated a company that used to sell semi-conductors both in the U.S. and overseas. Some of her own sales have exceeded the $100,000 mark. Her talent is not limited to only this, as she is also an accomplished chef who has cooked for a few high-end restaurants in the past. She is the proud mother of two sons. Her elder son is in the U.S. Army and proudly serving his country; while, the younger one is a true champion who has received accolades for his high grades in middle school in Florida. Talking about a very special talent Maria is blessed with her beautiful singing voice. With her charming voice, she has won one or probably two contests, locally. Even with her ability to speak three languages and her singing voice, she continues to remain humble and grounded.


Meet the team at DigitalBulls

DigitalBulls is committed to the success of its clients. Our technical support team is highly trained and experienced in providing helpful, quick and comprehensive IT solutions. For our techies, technical support is not just a routine maintenance but an important function, essential for the fruitful survival of every business. With years of knowledge and expertise, we bring together a wealth of innovative solutions while fostering ‘client-first’ culture in the organization.

Years of Experience

We have more than 3 years of experience in monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks of business as well as general clients. The company offers technical services such as PC repair, installation, optimization and security to many reputed businesses. An extensive range of services and products varying from basic support to advanced computer networking and cloud computing are delivered 24/7.