Computer Security

As internet has become a part and parcel of modern life, people have become more accustomed to online chatting, downloading movies & apps, transacting money over the internet, sending confidential official mails through third party mail servers and all. But are all these computing and web surfing habits safe the least bit? Recent reports suggest otherwise. Unfortunately, even the ‘deemed most secured’ organizations across the world have fallen prey to cyber crooks. When it comes to personal computers, users are almost fully and alarmingly exposed to virus, Trojan and malware attacks.

Why 24 X7 PC Vigilance Is Important?

Constant policing of the computer systems is immensely important because even the most advanced antivirus programs fail to respond to virus attacks. Every day, approximately 20 new viruses are created. Therefore, 24 X 7 personal computer protection is immensely important.

Effects And Symptoms Of Virus Attacks

It is quite common that your computer starts running slow and you don’t take it seriously. Though a number of causal factors can result in this malfunctioning, one of the many reasons why computers get bogged down is virus infection. It is actually an indication of the malicious programs gradually penetrating your system. So, how does this happens? Find it out below:

  • You open a mail from an unknown sender and open the attachment with it. A separate dialog box appears prompting you to take some action. As soon as you open it, your system performance gets degraded.
  • Your existing anti-virus program gets disabled for no reason. You cannot restart, reinstall or uninstall the program.
  • Your friends and acquaintances tell you that they are receiving weird mails from you; whereas, you are quite sure you haven’t sent them.
  • Your computer data gets wiped off without your commands.
  • Strange program icons occupy your desktop; whereas, the existing ones vanish for no reason.
  • Computer restarts automatically.

Other Far-Reaching Effects Of Virus Attack

Above discussed effects were quite noticeable, there are some effects which are not observed easily. These are bank account hacking, misuse of personal information, personal and family pictures and videos leakage etc. Main problem here is that you can’t really track or trace the far-reaching impacts of virus attack.

What We Do?

DigitalBulls services anticipate these problems and come up with comprehensive computer security solutions for the PC users across the world. Our virus and malware removal services include free virus scan, virus removal, malware, spyware and adware removal as well as complete computer security services.

1. Virus & Malware Removal: Our 3600 virus and malware removal solutions can effectively sanctify your computer and make it 100% free from Trojans, spyware (keylogger, etc.), malware, adware (Dogpile, etc.), rootkits and other malicious programs.

2. Comprehensive Computer Security: Our system security services are not only confined within virus and malware extermination and we think far beyond that. We offer across-the-board antivirus protection, internet security, wireless security and overall computer security (computer cookies) services.

Some Tips And Warnings

  • Do not rely on the free antivirus programs, as they are made with limitations
  • Do not forget to upgrade your antivirus program after regular intervals
  • Do scan your computer regularly

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