Support for tablets and smartphones

Having problem with your tablet? Is the newly loaded application in your Smartphone slowing down its performance? Call a DigitalBulls agent and get instant support from us at any time of the day. We are a complete tech support provider offering help with Smartphone software updating, software installation, email setting up and lot more.
Our talented team members are cognizant with all the avant-garde devices like iPad, Blackberry playbook and Samsung tablet. Smartphones running on Android, Symbian, Windows and iPhone are all provided support for. Contact us today to get your Smartphone or tablet repaired instantly without having to drop into a mobile care shop and sit in the waiting area for hours.

Issues That We Mitigate:

Our technology experts are brilliant professionals who have extensive knowledge about modern computing devices like tablets and Smartphones. They can troubleshoot any problem related to these devices in a matter of minutes. Here is a list of the problems that we offer support for:

  • Transferring email contacts from computer to Smartphones
  • Charge draining out of Smartphone battery
  • Frozen Smartphones
  • Calendar syncing trouble
  • Syncing Smartphones with the contact list loaded in the computer
  • Factory reset (hard and soft reset) assistance for unresponsive tablets/ ereaders


Our Services Include:

Under the Tablets and Smartphones section, we offer a range of services related to repair and maintenance of the devices. They have been catalogued below:

  • Software Installation
  • Software Updates
  • Email set Up
  • Contact Syncing
  • Calendar Syncing
  • Internet/Page Loading Slow
  • Charging Issues
  • Upgrading OS
  • Lost Phone Data
  • Lost phone data REPEAT
  • Removal of Unused Programs

Why Us?

DigitalBulls is a remote support service provider, open 24/7. We offer excellent tech support to all computer, tablet and Smartphone users online. Our experts are ever-present through our portal. Call them up at anytime of the day or night and get expert assistance from them instantly. Each of our callers team up with technician who works on their device as long as the problem is not fixed.

Our technicians are all extensively trained to assist users in every possible way. They are all skilled and proficient to troubleshoot all your technical issues. Our charges are also much relaxed than the others in the industry. Besides, with our services, you do not have to invite a stranger into your house for the repair work. We deliver the service online so that utmost convenience is enjoyed by the users.

Free Question & Answer Session

Still confused about how we work? Call us at (855) 422-8557 and we will be delighted to help you.