March 18th, 2020

Quick Steps to eReader Factory Reset & Reboot

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Usually eReaders are low maintenance devices that hardly ever get stuck or freeze. Anyhow, on a number of occasions when the device becomes unresponsive to touch or button input, you need to restart your device. In several circumstances like planning to sell your device, or passing/gifting it to somebody or when it behaves sluggish or freezes repeatedly, a hard reset is the only resort.

First, let us iterate the steps of restarting your ebook reader using soft and hard restart methods.

1. Restart Your eReader: Most problems in electronic gadgets can be fixed by a quick system reboot. To restart your device using software method:

A. Turn the screen on, if reading a book just press Home
B. Under menu select ‘Restart Your Device’ option
C. Then wait for your device to restart

You can also reboot your eReader device using buttons if you’re not able to navigate to the home screen or navigate to the menu options. This is called a ‘hard restart’. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the display goes blank, continue holding the button for a while until the screen comes back on. The charging indicator LED will flash once denoting that your device has been rebooted.

2. eReader Factory Reset: On a number of occasions a factory reset is needed to be conducted to restore the eReader device to its former glory. It is called a ‘factory reset’ because it reverses all the settings to default and cleans your device completely, removing all the data, logins and settings. To perform a ‘soft factory reset’ your device’s battery must be a minimum of 40%. Follow these steps:

A. Go to the home screen on your device.
B. Under Menu, Settings, select ‘Reset’ option.
D. In the dialog box confirming a factory reset, select ‘yes’
E. Wait for your device to reboot with default settings

To ‘hard factory reset’ your device, press and hold the volume down/page down and power buttons simultaneously. On the system recovery screen, select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ option. Press the ‘power’ button to confirm selection.

A factory reset for your eReader is the last resort, so consider calling your customer service before performing a reset. Most problems on such devices can be solved by a simple reboot or by simply freeing up some memory and keeping the device optimally charged.

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