May 21st, 2018

Robust Your Windows 10: 5 Tips To Make Your PC Run Faster

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If turning your computer on makes you want to grab your cozy blanket and some popcorn then your PC probably needs some help because it’s not a movie to enjoy. Running your system on Windows 10 without the desirable speed doesn’t make sense because you are missing out on so much. It’s the functionalism and performance which you shouldn’t compromise with. How should you aim to get that?

Read further to know how to set your computer for PC tuneup :

1. Go Completely Basic

Everybody loves the Windows 10 feature that makes the Startup menu go transparent. It’s the new addition in the bucket. However, you must go opaque as running the background program to make it go transparent takes up some memory which could be optimized by transforming the menu into solid color.

How to do: Settings > Personalization > Colors and turn of “Make Start, taskbar, and action center transparent”

You must also switch off Special Effects to add to the speed.

How to do: Right click on Start > click System > Go to Advanced System Setting in menu bar. In the dialogue box, go to the Advanced tab and click on Settings under “Performance” section. Here, you can modify the settings as per your knowledge or go for “Adjust for best performance”.

2. Disable Startup Programs

A PC that takes longer than a nap to boot is troubled by background programs which are running as you normally work on the system. This eats up the memory and slows down the process significantly. You need to look into the background and disable applications and software that are not required in general.

How to do: Right click on Start > click Task Manager > Go to Startup tab. You’ll find a list of programs that will be displayed along with the resources it is consuming and its status. Looking at the utility as per your knowledge, click disable in front of applications which you find shouldn’t be running.

3. Turn Off Search Indexing

Windows 10 gives its users a much faster version of searching. One can simply search the whole computer within fraction of seconds. However, this function utilizes background space. If you’ve an already slow computer, you could turn off the indexing and experience a sudden performance boost.

How To Do: Type ‘index’ in Start Menu search box > click on Indexing Option > click on Modify. This will lead you to the list of actions which you can take against the areas that are being indexed. Uncheck the options which are unnecessary in your knowledge.

4. Clean Your PC’s Registry

A computer’s registry is a mess of history that was ever made on your computer. It has all the intrinsic details of your activity. For example, if you have uninstalled the software, the details will still stay in its memory. There’s a lot of residue that isn’t necessary to be saved in your PC’s memory.

How To Do: Registry is a massive storage of information which can’t be dealt alone. You need a good software and a professional to help you out. Download the best rating software for your assistance or call us for further help

5. Uninstall Unwanted Software

Finally, when you have tried everything else you can fall back to the basic which indicates towards finding the problem and its origin through Windows Performance Shooter. It’ll list down the problems so that you can eradicate the troublesome software in installed in your computer.

How To Do: PC optimizer is the best thing to download. And contacting our executive is the next best thing to shoot out all your problems.

With all of the above easy yet effective tricks you can enforce your PC system to work smarter and faster. This ultimately improves your productivity and customizesyour time and efforts to maximum benefits. Let DigitalBulls know whenever you’re stuck in technical mess because we’ve the best technicians to serve you.

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