November 6th, 2019

Printer Not Responding? Check Out Some Basic Troubleshooting Tips

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Printer not responding, an error that’s annoying yet commonly happens with everyone who uses a printer. It seems totally unbearable when there are piles of documents to be printed but the printer refuses to work.

Looking for a sigh of relief? Our blog will provide that, as it has been created in accordance with the experiences skilled printer technicians have. Cherry on the cake? Some proven methods to fix the fault will meet ‘n’ greet you.

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Printer Not Responding

How do you feel when you find your printer is not working? Lost? Shocked? Terrible?….And how do you fee when the screen displays, “Printer not responding?” Out of the world but for sad reasons!

Until the problem is fixed, you can’t do anything related to printing. Now before you enter the state of misery, let us tell you that fixing these bubbles of issues is possible. With some easy troubleshooting steps, you can put an end to the difficult situation. If you feel, ‘I can’t do it’ type vibes, printer customer service experts are just a call away.

Ready to discover the tricks? Before you do anything, make sure inspecting your printer’s connection as the first thing, no matter what model or brand of printer you use. This is because if there happens any conflict between your PC, printer or network settings, you are more likely to come across several printer bugs.

1. Check The USB Cable Connection

Connecting the printer to the network using an Ethernet cable is an excellent idea, provided the cable is neither loose nor problematic in any way.

If printer and computer are connected via the USB cable, follow the below given steps:

  1. Without using hub, connect the printer and computer
  2. Check that printer and computer are properly connected
  3. USB cable must be properly placed in both ends of USB ports
  4. Using new or another Ethernet cable, connect the devices

Once done, printer not responding issue will be solved if there was a faulty cable. If further assistance is required, calling the technicians is always the right choice.

2. Check Bluetooth Connection To Printer

If a printer is connected via Bluetooth, now is the time to know the best thing to do.
If the evil behind the problem is Bluetooth connectivity, repairing is the solution to everything.

3. Network Printer Setup Status

Status aspects must be checked if printer is a component of a running network. Not one or two but a number of checks apply on both wired as well as wireless printers. Take a look at what needs to be checked:

  1. It is required to check that PC and printer work on the common network
  2. PC has to be connected to the printer using cable
  3. In system settings, set printer as ‘Default’
  4. Whether or not commands are given to the printer has to be checked
  5. Wi-Fi network’s IP has to be same as the printer’s IP
  6. Wi-Fi network instructions must be checked

Wired Printers

All the physical cable connections have to be checked.

Wireless Printers

If a wireless printer is in use, it has to be removed from the network. Moreover, Wi-Fi network details too have to be deleted. This should be followed by adding back the printer to the network and once again setting up the connection.

Hopefully, this post will provide you the needed support. If you want to know anything more, get in touch with our executives.

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