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April 18th, 2018

Oh No! Did You Lose Your Data? Erode Your Worries With These Data Recovery Techniques

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Your computer or mobile devices keep your personal files, office data, bank documents, insurance files and what not! It’s the second brain kept outside your body. Surely, there are no cases of Dementia or Alzheimer reported in computers.(joke) However, you must have heard of accidentally deleting your files, physical trauma of hard drive or corrupted internal hard disk. Everything pointed towards losing your data with a blurry picture of ever getting it back. Let’s talk about Data Recovery in detail to workout each methods that retrieve your files back!

Ways To Lose Your Data Which You Shouldn’t Follow!

Before heading to the methods to recover, it’s better to talk about how you can lose your data. At times, the glitch is hardly a technical issue but there are times when you literally can’t do anything about it. Hold your breath, this article is going to bring all your worries to death!

  1. Accidentally Deleted Files

Human errors can be called upon at wrong time and wrong place. Did you intend to delete “Officedoc_1.docx” but ran your cursor over “Officedoc_01.docx”? Topping on the misery is when your fingers can’t stop but to press “Shift+Delete” while deleting any file on your computer. What’s the problem? People are not sure how to get back what’s permanently deleted!

  1. Virus & Malware Attack

Not sure if you’ve new tenants residing in your devices’ memory drive? Well, you must know because these tenants are not even paying you rents but destroying your property. In technical words, these hideous software are loaded onto your device to dwindle its performance by corrupting files or stealing the information. Hackers have their ways to play.

  1. Power Failures Or Unsuccessful Data Saving

Imagine the moment you started typing your heart out to write a blog, story or technical article or brought your illustration to life but just as you were about to click ‘Save’, the power goes off!!! Losing your data due to sudden switching off of your computer is pretty common. But automatic recovery helps the users to bring back the work. Problem occurs when due to voltage fluctuations, device’s sensitive components suffer from fuse.

  1. Hardware Damage

Any condition that results due to hardware failure needs to be replaced by another component. Only a technician can evaluate and identify whether your files can be extracted or not.

Getting Anxious To Know How To Fix It? Here’s The Guide For You!

Eh! Just relax, what’s the worry? You know, it’s as easy as pie to recover your data. So, next time you’re bothering your neurons with how to recover deleted files, let this article solve your problem. Hence, bookmark it.

Tip: Don’t write anything, if your computer has gone through major file loss. Write here signifies installing software,

  1. Restore Files From Recycle Bin

The very obvious first. Go to your recycle bin or trash bin and right click the file that you want to recover. Click ‘Restore’ from the options and check back in the folder where it formerly was. You can also drag the file from the bin to the desktop.

  1. Recover Data From HDD

Magnetic HDD and SSD are different when it comes to executing a process. If you’re working on Magnetic HDD, the chances are fair to recover the deleted file as there’s only a pointer that points that this file is deleted from the memory. However, it doesn’t overwrite the file with ongoing process. So, you need to stop working and turn off your computer. Insert another drive (CD, external hard disk, USB drive). This will act as the primary disk on which the computer boots and you can then use an efficient software to scan and repair the files on the system.

  1. Utilize Recovery Software

Professionals use recovery software that are sophistically programmed to retrieve the files which are even removed from recycle bin. Experts are handy with the perfect way to recover data without any piece of information missing or corrupted. The best part is they can help you over the call or through remotely operating your system.

  1. Recoup Data From Infected Drive

The simplest method to recover data from the infected drive is to call upon “Windows Command”. It’s probably the best guy in every computer. That one friend who has solution to every problem. Follow the given steps:

Step 1: Type chkdsk D: /f and Enter. (Note: Replace the drive name with the drive where you lost your files)

Step 2: Type Y and Enter

Step3: Type D: and Enter (Note: Replace the drive name with the drive where you lost your files)

Step 4: Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* and Enter

This is the systematic command that leads to internal cleanup. Wait for a few moment until the process is successfully completed.

Here, we come to the end of a quick guide that will solve most of your problems. In case, technical glitch is still surfacing, we’re there for you to get rid of all your troubles. Just pick your phone and ring our bell because our experts are highly recommended and appreciated for services they provide.

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