May 28th, 2019

Here Is How To Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error

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If you are reading this blog, there are high possibilities that you are dumbstruck with Windows 7 not genuine error. Quite obvious, the fault may have resulted in obstructing your everyday computer activities by bringing down your PC’s performance. Right? But you know what? There’s nothing to worry about. This informative post will help you overcome this troublesome state in the easiest way. Continue reading below…

What Leads To Windows 7 Not Genuine Error?

Receiving “This copy of Windows is not genuine” or “Windows 7 Not Genuine” message feels irritating like anything. But why does it happen? Well, an expired license, usage of fake Windows copy or an outdated version of Windows are the foremost causes.

Consequences Of The Error

A PC that’s hit by this unfortunate error undergoes the following possibilities:

  • Repeatedly display of ‘This copy of Windows is not genuine,’ message at the bottom right corner
  • Reduced battery life of laptops
  • Interruption by the error message while taking screen captures
  • Changing of desktop’s wallpaper into blank screen
  • Terrific decrease in system’s performance

How To Fix The Error

And here we are with the cure. Take out few minutes and check out the directions for fixing Windows 7 Not Genuine error:

Method 1

  • Click the Start button to get the Start menu.
  • Now type cmd in the search box.
  • Command prompt option will come up. Right click the Command prompt followed by selecting Run as Administrator.
  • A pop up box will appear, click OK. To move forward, call our experts.

Method 2

Microsoft is regular at releasing updates to encounter the issues of authenticity. These updates in some cases generate false positive results and hence, the product key expires, ultimately leading to the Windows not genuine error. If you have also encountered the error after updating the Windows, hit on Windows Update given and check all the installed Windows updates and remove error files through non compatible updates.

For detailed explanation, talk to our experts.

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