April 29th, 2019

Getting Rid Of Common Technical Gmail Issues Is Few Steps Away

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We bank upon Gmail for several purposes like sharing files & images, chatting, setting reminders and much more. Gmail is the most popular email service across the world. It is free (though there is a paid version too) and is too useful to be avoided by office and home users all over the world. But there are times when Gmail does not work according to the users.

It is not a big deal to face some technical issues related to Gmail, provided you know how to get over them. These are the times when professional Email help is sought for sorting out technical issues fast and effectively.

Gmail- An Integral Part Of Day-To-Day Life?

Someone coming from the stone-age may ask why there is so much discussion on email issues. Checking their Gmail account is part of daily routine of thousands of people worldwide. Encountering technical issues like spam, storage problem can restrict users from taking complete advantage of Gmail. These days users’ Gmail accounts carry almost everything that is important and private including their bank details. Thus, exposure to spam messages has dangerous consequences in terms of losing confidential details to hackers.

Receiving bank statement on Gmail account, getting intimation for depositing insurance premium, online purchase details, there is a lot more for which a user needs to have a functional Gmail account. Skipping password of Gmail account or inability to login into the account for any other reasons is best looked after by an experienced technician. By paying a nominal fee to a reputed technical support business you can get rid of almost every kind of Gmail related technical issues.

This Is How To Handle Gmail Storage Problems

New users can trust Gmail to have unlimited storage but the experienced users know by full they do not mean it literally. Nevertheless, Gmail provides you 15 GB storage which is enough to keep on receiving and sending mails. That said this storage capacity is to be shared between sundry Google services like Google Drive and the photos. When you face problems in receiving new mails on your Gmail account it is best to free up some space by checking Google Drive and Photos for large files and deleting them if possible.

Usually the emails sent and received are small in size, but emails with heavy attachments reaching the size of 20-25 MB do accumulate in the inbox. It is all worth it to find these huge and heavy emails and delete them to make extra space for new mails.

This is also exactly what one should do with the old emails. Several users create their Gmail accounts from their high school days and continue using the same for a decade’s time. Though there is no harm in continuously using the same email account for long but then what they usually forget are the mails which were important 5-7 years back but have no relevance or use in your current life. By losing them you will not lose anything but it will only help you gain much needed space.

It is also appreciable if users buy extra storage. Google provides enough space for a new user but professionals may feel the need of extending it. Power users opt for 100 GB storage by paying a price of $1.99 and for even more rigorous storage needs one can go ahead with $9.99 plan for buying 1TB storage space.

Expert Tip: Refrain yourself from buying extra space unless you have a very tight work schedule. Someday even the extra space you bought will be consumed unless you develop habit of deleting old and unimportant emails.

Sturdy Solution For Spam

It is not a complete lie when someone tells that there is no way you can eliminate spam. While it is almost impossible to remove these errors completely you can always take control of them. There are some smart things that top technical support professionals recommend to their clients.

It is advisable to train your filter for identifying spam and false positives properly. Every time a spam intrigues your email account, before deleting it, report it to Gmail. In order to do this you just have to find the report spam button in tool bar and report it. It is also important to correct Google if some mail is sent into thespam folder which does not belong there. For undoing the Gmail action you have to react with a ‘not spam’ button. In this way you are training your mail client.

There can be nothing more stupid than responding to a spam mail. When you know it is a spam or even if you have slightest of suspicion in your head regarding the sender or content of the mail, do not open it.

Switching to a new Gmail account can be an ultimate solution for those users who have stocked upon large number of spams or have responded to them.

Expert Tip: Instead of publishing your email ID for least important purposes like some survey conducted by a brand it is better to use disposable ids. Hide the permanent one from everybody unless you want to be approachable to the spam.

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