May 10th, 2018

Geek’s Corner For Solving Webmail Issues With Great Troubleshooting Techniques

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Emails are the connecting mode of communication, highly appreciated for all B2C and B2B communication in the corporate world. With 3.7 billion active email users, this stream is a hot selling market for email service providers. Further extrapolated statistics are even more surprising, 205 billion email messages per day making it 204 million of emails every minute.

Portray Of Webmail Services

Extending your knowledge about webmail services, these are email client applications constructed as web software working on a web server that differ from desktop email clients just by one fact that web based email client apps can’t run without internet connection.

Reasons To Use Webmail Client

You must be wondering why would you anyway need a webmail client? For you, it might sound weird but there are people paying for services as simple as sending emails. Let’s look at reasons why you need webmail application:

1. No Sync, Anywhere Use

There is no idea to sync your data to any device which makes it possible to work with your email anywhere you are. Everything is protected in one place and can be accessed at anytime with a good internet connection.

2. Data Is Secured At All Times

There’s no limit on the number of emails saved by a webmail which enables the user to find a backdated mail at anytime with a feature to search by sender’s name, date or address.

3. Manage Multiple Email Addresses At One Place

There are a number of business emails that need to be taken care which is only possible if you’re using an email client. Due to the drawback of the desktop email client, webmail are a new fad in action.

Example of webmail clients: AOL Mail, Gmail, GMX, Windows Live Hotmail, Lavabit, SquirrelMail, RoundCube etc.

How To Get Rid Of Webmail Technical Glitches?

At the end of the day, webmail is a technical application that shuns down the performance if something goes out of the way in the logical implementation of the program. Let’s look at some of the common technical errors that you might come across:

1. Getting Number of Bounce Backs

Email bounce backs occur when you are sending a mail but the receiver never receives the mail rather; the mail comes back in the inbox of the sender with an automatically forwarded message that due to certain issues this mail was never successfully sent to the receiver.

You need to carefully read through the message that you’ve got and determine if it is because of one of the reasons:

  • Sender’s address is blocked or spammed in receiver’s list
  • Recipient address typed doesn’t exist
  • Spam filter has blocked your mail address
  • Temporary failing includes recipient’s mailbox is full, connection not established, etc
  • Other reasons

2. Can’t Receive or Send Mails

It could be your DNS settings which could have been disturbed. To troubleshoot this problem, take the step from the base. Make sure you’ve correctly done webmail loginand enabled the mail in the application. Check further additional settings. Double check the local email client setting if any flaw could be monitored. You might have to look for POP/IMAP settings that would be running on your server.

3. Outgoing Mails Are Not Being Received

Some of the common SMTP problems are:

  • 5.7.1. Relaying Denied

Your username and password should be properly authenticated.

  • 553 Errors

If the user doesn’t exist or authentication has failed, you won’t be able to establish a successful relaying network.

4. Incoming Mails Are Not Received

If your email service is not enabled, you won’t be able to receive messages. From your end, you need to inspect if your forwarder is active. In case, it is switched on, check for the address it is forwarding the emails. Also, turn on the feature of getting a copy.

5. Browser or OS Not Updated

Your webmail will stop working if you’ve an older browser or OS that is no longer supported by the webmail. For example, Google’s Gmail updated twice in a year that it will no longer support the older versions of OS and Internet browsers. Don’t ignore the update messages for long because that could result in losing access to your account in a webmail client.

These are some of the most common problems that are experienced on an average. The above information is not easy for a usual user to understand and rectify which is why DigitalBulls remain the best tech company to provide support to people 24*7! Let the professionals do what they are best in.

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