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The advancements in modern mass media and communication technology allow the present generation to enjoy the benefit of watching television on the computer. People can watch their favorite television programs on their laptop or desktop at their convenient time. Wondering how to view TV on computer? Some networks enable you to watch television shows in your browser, while few people use their computer as a DVR. However, making the whole set up to watch TV on computer is tricky since it requires the right software drivers and special accessories. If you find it difficult to find the right software drivers to use your computer as a television, get in touch with us. Our technicians have the required expertise to help you with your PC to TV connection issues.

How to Use Television as Computer Monitor?

Dreaming to share photos, play computer games and enjoy videos on your huge HDTV screen? Your dream can come true if you have DigitalBulls services beside you. Most video cards now come with an HDMI output which will help you to connect your TV to your computer. The latest video cards also output audio over HDMI and allow single-cable hookup. The older video cards come with DVI which uses similar video transmission as HDMI, but do not output audio. The whole process is not easy to execute; however, and you can seek our assistance to connect your television to your computer.

Our technology team has the required training and experience to handle the software issues that you might encounter while connecting your computer to a television. Apart from connecting TV to computer, we can help you tackle other technology problems like:

  • Hooking A PC To TV
  • Protecting Your Computer Privacy
  • Fixing Laptop And Desktop Driver Issues
  • Wireless Security Issues
  • System Start-Up Issues
  • System Restoration
  • Malware Removal
  • Software Downloads
  • Application Installation
  • System Memory Problems

We are committed to keep your computer devices and peripherals as hassle-free as possible. You do not need an appointment to get our services. Just give us a call and we will solve your issues remotely using Internet connection.

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