Support for system restore

DigitalBulls offers complete system restore services for malfunctioning or rammed systems that run on Microsoft Windows OS. We provide 24 x 7 remote desktop system restoration services for all Windows OS versions. We have noticed that general computer users do not even know that most of the Windows OS have in-built system restitution options. Users can restore their systems (i.e. roll back the registry keys, installed programs and system files to their default state) through these innate features. We do utilize these in-built facilities of Windows run systems and help the systems regain their default and impeccable states. During the process of restoration, we back up client data and restore the data once the system is free or errors and malfunctions.

How Do You Know System Restoration Is Required?

Generally, system restoration is required when a system malfunctions due to one or several reasons. Sometimes, computer systems are damaged by third party programs and applications. Many unwanted files intrude a system through external hard drives and internet. The purpose of system restoration primarily is to restore the system’s unadulterated state. If you notice your computer running extremely slow and not functioning properly for days together, you can give DigitalBulls a quick call. Our technicians will analyze your system’s performance and recommend you a system restoration or virus removal, whichever is applicable.


Digitalbulls System Restoration Scope

We offer both comprehensive and bespoke system restore services. Our broad range of system restoration areas are:

  • Registry
  • Windows file protection files (dllcache) and folders (for Windows XP)
  • For Windows Vista and later versions, all system files are thoroughly checked and monitored
  • user profile(local)
  • WMI and COM+ databases(IIS Metabase as well)
  • Specific files

Data Backup And Recovery

Data backup and recovery is an integrated feature of DigitalBulls remote desktop system restoration services. We offer complete recovery of the data of the systems we restore. We understand that users want their computers regain their default faultless state and never want to lose their valuable data. We store and handle data with utmost care and maintain high confidentiality while storing and recovering the data. We use highly protected servers and external hard drives to restore the data of our clients. Whatever your data volume is, we can successfully back it up before system restore and recover the same when we are done.

Call our 24 x 7 active system restoration professionals to give your PC a new lease of life.

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