Support for data backup

DigitalBulls data backup services can easily be distinguished from the traditional data backup solutions. Reason being, we employ futuristic technologies and our dexterous support technicians are well-equipped to take back-up of any sort of and any volume of client data. We offer data backup solutions for all sort of text data, pictures and videos, PowerPoint presentations and many more. Whether you use Apple or Windows PC, our remote desktop service professionals can help you backup your data online, easy and fast.

We routinely take back up of all your valuable files as and when they are created. Moreover, you can access your backed up files from whenever and wherever you wish. Get quick access to your secured data from your Apple iPhone, RIM BlackBerry or Google Android. We never restrict our esteemed clients to access their data. It’s just our responsibility to secure your data and make your every day hassle-free.


DigitalBulls Data Backup Procedure

Your computer data is as valuable as you are to us. We blend the best breed technologies to take online backup of our client data. Data backup by DigitalBulls is done through advanced and most impregnable remote desktop support technologies. While we ensure that the data entrusted to us do not get hacked or stolen, we also put emphasis on seamless synchronization of the backed up data so that you can access your data virtually from anywhere on this planet. How we do that? Well, we employ a range of advanced techniques to ensure security and easy-accessibility of the backed up data. Below is a glimpse of what we do.

  • Automatic backup
  • Cloud based secure storage
  • Employ version control to retain data
  • Recover deleted files
  • Send, share and link online
  • Comprehensive Mac, PC, Blackberry, Android, and iPhone support
  • Compatibility with several file types

DigitalBulls 24 x 7 Data Backup

We are literally alert and awake 24/7. Our remote desktop data backup service professionals can back up your computer’s data whenever you want us to do that. Our modus operandi is purely online so you need not step down at our office nor we need to pay you a visit. Your data can be backed up online through your PC’s broadband connection.

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