Support for wireless security

Is your PC Secured in the Wi-Fi Age? Now-a-days, everyone is opting for Wi-Fi internet connection to get rid of the wired hassles. The problem with wireless internet connection is, it is less secured than its wired counterpart. Cybercriminals hanker after loopholes in wireless environments and chisel in unencrypted wireless environments quite easily. DigitalBulls offers a broad spectrum of wireless security solutions starting right from installation and set-up through constant monitoring of the clients’ PCs that run on Wi-Fi networks.

Let Us Set Up A Highly Secured Wireless Network For You

We can guarantee maximum protection for your PC when you are surfing the web through a Wi-Fi connection. We also commit to cushion your PC during wireless surfing at public places provided you follow some basic recommendations. Our wireless internet security professionals know the nitty-gritty of Wi-Fi internet environments and we can protect your PC from the crooks that prefer the wireless way to horn in users’ PCs on a round-the-clock basis. Whichever wireless router you use, we can make certain maximum security for your PC. Stay relaxed and enjoy the fun and freedom of the amazing Wi-Fi.


DigitalBulls Remote Security Solutions

We have successfully nullified the necessity for taking PCs to service centers for repairing and maintenance. If you become our patron, you need not call a computer service person at your residence as well. Everything can be done over the broadband connection only. It’s that simple. We can help you with the following Wi-Fi security solutions.

  • Wireless security setup
  • System restore assistance
  • Linksys, RENDnet, Netgear, D-Link and Belkin Router Security Setup
  • System start up troubleshoot after wireless setup
  • System memory issues troubleshoot after Wi-Fi setup
  • Printer and scanner connection setup
  • 24 x 7 vigilance for annihilation of malicious programs
  • Troubleshooting compatibility issues

DigitalBulls Recommendation For Using Wi-Fi At Public Hotspots

We understand that you do need to surf internet from your laptop within public premises such as cafes, pubs, airport lounges and shopping malls. We recommend some best practices for using wireless internet at those places. Firstly, you should not open your net-banking account at any public place. Even if you urgently need it, call our 24 x 7 computer security helpline so that we can check once and assure you about the security level of the wireless environment. Secondly, you should disable ‘Shared’ option of your PC’s wireless connection at public places. We can do that for you using our remote desktop technologies. In short, we can take care and troubleshoot any of the issues that you might face while using a Wi-Fi connection, at home or at public places.

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