Support for trojan removal

The Trojan viruses are camouflaged as innocent software programs. PC users can hardly differentiate between genuine software and a Trojan and they respond in affirmative. Once the program is installed, the computer performance drops drastically and other problems arise as well. DigitalBulls Trojan virus removal services are designed especially for these types of viruses as these viruses comprise of 83% of the total malware programs active on the internet. We have devised special tactics for combating Trojan and we can guarantee complete elimination of these viruses from clients’ PCs. Not only that, we also offer year-around computer security services that can successfully avert these Trojan programs.


What We Can Do?

Unfortunately, many users do not know how to download, install, run or use a computer anti-virus program. DigitalBulls is committed to relieve these not-so-tech-savvy computer users from the hassles of antivirus installation. We always think from client’s perspective and our 24 x 7 Trojan virus removal and comprehensive computer security solutions are based on those grounds only. We do everything from antivirus installation to virus and Trojan eradication as a part of our comprehensive PC security services, and at no extra charge. Take a look at our Trojan detection and removal services mentioned below.

  • Installation of computer antivirus program
  • Free virus scanning
  • Checking firewall settings
  • Blocking unwanted programs
  • Identify rogue Trojans
  • Exterminating Trojans
  • Sending complete virus scan and removal report

We do this repeatedly on our clients’ PCs, after short and regular intervals. This is to ensure maximum safety and security of the clients’ computers and to make them 100% Trojan-free. This way, computers become capable of performing well. Our proficient technicians are intelligent enough to scan and decontaminate a computer through a step-by-step process. Our systematic and regimented approach towards Trojan virus removal has been well-acclaimed by our clients.

What are the Most Notorious Trojans?

Every day, 20 viruses are being created. Of these, Trojans comprise of the largest percentage. Some of the most ill-famed Trojans are:

  • Netbus
  • Y3K Remote Administration Tool
  • Subseven
  • Back Orifice
  • Zeus
  • Beast
  • Flashback Trojan
  • The Black hole exploit kit

Thanks to the advanced technology we use and our skilled technical support team who are attentive and enthusiastic about resolving any sort of PC security issues, we promise to make your PC 100% Trojan-free. We do not really think that the above-mentioned ‘notorious’ Trojans are big issues and we can wipe out these rogue programs at any point of time.

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