Support for spyware removal

Who is spying my computer? Spyware is a specific type of malicious program which is farmed out for stealing personal, financial and other confidential information of the PC users. The spyware programs are generally cloaked as innocent software programs. These programs are installed on user PCs without their consent. Some more potential threats are keyloggers that get installed on PCs through LAN or any other source. DigitalBulls offers complete spyware removal service for its clients so that their confidential data cannot be stolen and misused. Our sole objective is to ensure your PC’s data security.

Behaviors and Effects of Spyware

Spyware program does not intrude computer systems alone. A typical spyware is often accompanied by one or more malware programs. Spyware infection can give rise to several malfunctions ranging from stability issues to booting problems. Disruption of internet connectivity is one big problem resulting from spyware infection. Severely affected PCs can even crash completely or Blue Screen of Death may appear. In short, a spyware reduces and completely devastates a computer’s internal security system. The rouge programs steal any sort of data and sneak whenever they find a gap.


DigitalBulls 24 x 7 Spyware Detection and Removal

DigitalBulls technicians patrol clients’ computers whenever they are contacted over the phone. Our sentinels use the latest remote desktop support technology and pay visit to client computers whenever they are asked to do so. Our spyware removal experts are aware 24 x 7 and are native speakers of English. Our proficient computer scanning personnel use the broadband connection of the user’s PC and comb the system with the latest virus removal technology. We make use of some of the best antivirus software programs and always stay updated about the latest spyware and malicious programs that are released and active on the web.

What Do We Do?

  • We tender real-time spyware protection to prevent auto-installation of the spyware programs on clients’ PCs. Our special spyware protection technology is a part of the computer security services we offer. We scan all incoming network data and block potential threats before they intrude user PCs.
  • We scan user computers monthly, weekly, daily and on request as well. Our spyware extermination technicians actually respond to each and every call, on a round-the-clock basis. When we detect a spyware, we immediately inform the user about its existence and also provide guidance on what to do and what not to do (e.g. stop net-banking etc). After that, we start spotting the spywares and annihilating them one by one. We also send a detailed report to the user after successful destruction of the spyware programs.

Free Question & Answer Session

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