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Uproot rootkits in the DigitalBulls way. DigitalBulls proffers 24 x 7 rootkit removal solutions for its business and non-business clients. A rootkit is just another malicious software program which cannot be detected by the free and trial version antivirus programs and inferior quality antivirus programs. The term ‘rootkit’ is a blend of two words, ‘root’ (UNIX operating system privileged account) and ‘kit’ (denoting the software components inside the tool). Rootkit is generally installed automatically. At DigitalBulls, we employ a chain of measures to prevent automatic installation of rootkits on PCs. We also take help of latest and most advanced software programs to blot out these malicious programs from client PCs.

Why Rootkits Are Not Detected By Average Antivirus Programs?

It is a proven fact that rootkits pass most antivirus sieves as because these programs are deep-rooted into the computer system. These programs run as administrator or root which is why many anti-viruses cannot detect these rootkits. However, there are few latest antivirus programs that can be very effective against these malicious programs.

Effects of Rootkit Infection

Rootkit influx has truly far-reaching effects. For example, a cyber crook can simply install this type of program on your system or your dedicated server and use your computer for his own purpose. Illegal activities can be conducted using your computer as a transit system. We advise you to keep your server and your system as secure as possible. These agent viruses cannot be removed easily because these programs are entrenched within the ‘root’ or kernel only. In many cases, the users need to reinstall their PCs’ operating systems for uprooting these rootkits.


Eradicate Rootkits In The Digitalbulls Way

DigitalBulls deals with every computer security issue from its root only. Our rootkit removal services fall in line with the comprehensive computer security services we offer. We do not only detect the issues, we always try to find the reasons behind them. We use some of the best and proven techniques to decontaminate users’ PCs from rootkits and other sorts of malware programs. We know well the fact that average antivirus programs running on non-trusted systems won’t be effective against root level malicious programs like this. And so we only employ kernel-mode technologies and tactics to successfully detect and annihilate these rootkits. Manual repairing and decontamination is almost ineffective. However, human intervention is required when it comes to applying best methods. We take pride in our rootkit elimination specialists who are able to disinfect computers with the help of root-level or kernel-level technologies.

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