Support for keylogger removal

Prevent cyber crooks to peek at your PC. Key logging or keystroke logging is the tactic of logging or tracking the struck keys on a computer keyboard. The PC user does not even know that each and every keystroke is being recorded and someone is stealthily reading and interpreting his passwords, email accounts, personal phone numbers and everything. DigitalBulls keylogger removal service is here to make your computer completely safe and secure so that no one can peek at your PC when you are working or not working on it. We promise to make your PC 100% secure from cyber outlaws and automated programs. We offer prevention and screen against acoustic and electromagnetic key logging.

How a Keylogger Enters a PC?

Like most of the despicable software applications, keyloggers also intrude clients’ PCs in the form of Trojans. The keylogger can be easily installed in a PC in case the security layers are lenient. This mostly happens when no antivirus programs are installed or the antivirus program is not updated regularly. The attacker fetches the logged data, easily interprets it and makes use of it whenever required. Hackers are restless individuals who are literally trying every other way to devise more dangerous keyloggers. DigitalBulls technicians are well-aware of these behaviors of the cyber crooks and our keylogging deterrence technologies are widely acclaimed.


What We Do?

DigitalBulls offers kernel-based keylogger removal services only. Hook-based and API-based anti-spyware systems are not quite effective against kernel-based keyloggers. We, therefore, rely on kernel-based technologies only to fight against kernel-based keyloggers as well as API and hook-based as well. Our systematic approach towards keylogger erasure as follows:

  • Free Scanning: We start from free scanning of client PCs. We use the latest virus detection technology to find out the threats.
  • Informing the User: Once we detect all the threats, we make our clients aware about the same and advise them to stop using their PCs until we sanctify them.
  • Removal of Keylogger: We carefully remove one after another keylogger using our kernel-based technologies.
  • Sending Report: We send detailed reports to our clients and advise them about safe computing.

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