Support for internet security

Secure your PC from the cyber crooks. DigitalBulls offers top-drawer internet security solutions for its business and individual clients. As the vast world of web is not only a reservoir of information but a playing field for the cyber criminals, many innocent users become victims of the worldwide racket of internet criminals. We keep a careful eye on the clients’ PCs 24 x 7 so as to ensure that their computer data is not hacked by the cyber criminals. We are equipped with the latest technologies and can successfully block these rogue programmers and hackers who try to sneak into the computers of the users using their broadband connection only. Our round-the clock vigil on the internet keep our clients’ PCs well out of reach of these criminals.

Surf Internet With Peace of Mind

Internet is meant for catering information to the general people who use it. Unfortunately, some shady agents use the internet not for accruing information in a legitimate manner, but for stealing personal and confidential data and for misusing the same. If you are afraid of surfing the internet, DigitalBulls is here for wiping off your worries. Feel free to surf the internet, check your mails, enter social networking sites and chat with your friend. We are alert and awake 24 x 7 for you and we will never let a single transgressor gain entrée in your PC through the internet. It is our promise.

How Do We Safeguard Clients Systems Against Cyber Criminals?

The best part of our 24 x 7 internet security services is our computer security personnel are always on the alert. Whenever you subscribe with us, we instantly check your computer for any resident viruses that might have entered your system before. Therefore, we start blocking all the harmful websites and stop the annoying ad popping up every now and then. For your information, these pop-ups are not that innocent as they look like. These are masked dangers that are spread on the internet by these internet criminals. Our job is to keep a constant vigil on the internet and block these unwanted programs as well as to make you aware about the dangers. We also block spam mails that flood your inbox and avert all other possible threats.


Technologies Used

We only use the antivirus programs that use the heuristic analysis methods for identifying malicious programs. We offer real-time internet protection and the anti-virus programs we use are globally acclaimed and are regularly updated as well. We understand that most of the viruses are mutated throughout their lifecycle and we are always equipped with up-to-date information about these viruses. Our online security methods are largely based on continuous research on newer viruses.

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