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As the technology advances, malware market has made a significant route to all computer application. Malware are the product of intelligent mind but destructive thoughts. The reports of 2015 revealed that there are 1 million malware released every day. Interesting to note, in 4.2 seconds a new malware adds to the stream.

Types of Malware in Cyber Worlds
Infectious software that performs hideous tasks on the disease computer may be termed as Malware. Under the board classification, there are a few to mention:

  • Virus : Self-replicating software which execute the code with help of user(running an infected file, program, etc) to steal information of the user
  • Worm : Spread across host’s network to steal or delete files, create botnets and more
  • Trojan Horse : Disguises itself as normal file, Trojans trick the users to download them and let them execute their malicious activity
  • Spyware : Stealing information and spying on user’s activity by capitalizing on software vulnerabilities of genuine or Trojans
  • Ransomware : Files and data are held captive by encrypting them until the ransom asked is paid
  • Adware : Revenue generating software(like pop-us, ads with freeware, etc) that enforces unwanted ads on system
  • Rootkit : Once installed, they are tough to detect also they allow the authors to access the computer remotely
  • Bug : Minor errors by source coders or compilers while coding the program
  • Bot : programmed to perform a certain task repeatedly, bots are maliciously used to download, replicate or more to harm privacy of host

How DigitalBulls Helps With Free Virus Scan Services?
Polymorphism makes various clone of virus with slight change in the hashes of all. This keeps the built of all cloned viruses same but they get a unique signature with slight modification. This is why ordinary antivirus software is unable to effectively identify and quarantine the infected files. DigitalBulls’ extensive coding creates meshes that can sieve out the smallest entity that could harm the computer. We should be your first choice because:

  • Latest Technology Based Antivirus

Thinking way ahead of the authors of viruses, our combat program screens out all types of malware. Detection rate remains 100% due to our scanning technology.

  • Personalized Reports are Generated

The full evaluation is given out at the end of the scan which involves recommendation, solution and tips to enhance the productivity of your computer.

  • 24×7 Tech Support Availability

DigitalBulls works around the clock to serve you overall protection and technical fixes. Call us any time you need us to scan your computer.

  • Overall Scan Of System

Our eligible scanner has the best coded security trap to identify any sort of malware and report immediately to the user. It’s quick, efficient and works on real-time.

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