Support for computer privacy

Want to secure your PC’s privacy on the web? DigitalBulls can well guard your PC’s privacy over the internet. We fortify both PII (Personally Identifying Information) and non-PII information of the PCs of our patrons. From your postal address to email-IDs and net-banking details, our oath is to preserve privacy of these info bits online. We understand that personal computers are storehouses of private and confidential data and our bespoke computer privacy solution is rightly coalesced with the internet and wireless security solutions we offer.


DigitalBulls 24 x 7 Support

With the emergence of internet as a communication medium, personal computers have grown more prone to hackers and cybercriminals. DigitalBulls combats these potential dangers and threats on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis. General PC users who use internet on a regular basis are attacked by the spiteful people. Hackers try to trespass user PCs to get the private and confidential information stored on their computers. We have also noticed that children and older people are more vulnerable to these potential threats. We provide all-round protection for ensuring privacy and security of the PC users. We offer a range of services for making sure each and every bit of your personal data remains secured and private.

DigitalBulls Protection Against Cookies

A cookie is generally stored by a website on a visitor’s PC. This way, the webmasters can fetch traffic related information. However, most of these cookies are stored on the computers of the visitors without their consent and user’s private and confidential data, internet usage data becomes vulnerable to cyber crime. DigitalBulls can ensure that no malicious cookie gets stored on your computer. We can block cookies effectively.

How Do We Ensure Computer Privacy?

Our modus operandi for guaranteeing PC privacy is three tiered. We start from scanning user PCs and use latest data protection methodologies for clients’ PCs. We religiously follow the global privacy policies and data protection regulations as well. Plus, we are well aware of the respective laws of different countries pertaining to PC privacy.

    • Free Virus Scan: We scan user PCs for free to check whether they are infested by cookies and spyware programs. We also look for other potential threats and check for any leakage in the wireless or wired internet connection.
    • Obliteration of Potential Threats: After detecting the spying agents and cookies, we start removing them one by one thus gradually sanctify the user PCs.
    • Protection Against Future Threats: Once we are deployed, we take up the task of protecting user PCs throughput the contract period and beyond that upon renewal.

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