Support for Computer Cookies

Remove unwanted cookies to strengthen PC security. DigitalBulls can become your savior when you are annoyed at most with unwanted computer cookies. We understand that you want to protect your PC’s data while surfing on the internet. The problem with cookies is they are sent and installed on user PCs without their consent. We can successfully avert these cookies intruding your system, 24 x 7 and 365 days a year. Our cookie detection and extermination services have been designed keeping in mind the low technical expertise of an average PC user. We are committed to help you with any sort of cookie problem and we can also school you on the basics of cookie detection and deletion.

Are Cookies Innocent?

Apparently, cookies are harmless. These are mainly used for carrying information related browsing. The search engines interpret the data stored in cookies and answer search queries accordingly. Cookies are also used to remember usernames, page layout and preferred font size. This way, user’s information can easily be retrieved. However, the information they collect can be stolen by third party websites. Networking eavesdropping is a common case where the user information is hijacked by the attackers. So it cannot be said that cookies are not dangerous. Tracking cookies are biggest threat to user privacy.


DigitalBulls 24 x 7 Protection Against Computer Cookies

DigitalBulls offers around-the-clock cookie removal and deletion services. No matter what browser you use or websites you visit, we can easily detect the cookies and eradicate those files from your computer. Not only that, we can also ensure yearlong protection for your PC. The browsers we support include but not limited to

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or 9.0 and older versions
  • Firefox 7.0 and older versions
  • Google Chrome 5.0
  • Apple Safari 5.0

DigitalBulls computer cookies deletion services are part of the comprehensive computer security services. We also offer free virus scan and removal services, adware and spyware removal services to name a few. However, our tailored cookie elimination services are intended for ensuring utmost privacy of our user PCs. Relax and have fun browsing the internet while we keep ourselves busy protecting your computer from those unwanted cookies.

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