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Support For PC Health Check

Like our health needs to be checked up regularly to ensure prevention of diseases, the scene is pretty much the same for PCs. With the help of our PC health check up service, you can scan your system to ensure that it is running at its optimal speed and abilities. We check the performance, data, security, etc., to make sure that your computer is right as a trivet.

DigitalBulls allows you to access our experts just at the click of your mouse. Our PC health check up process looks out and fixes issues that are catalogued below:

  • PC Security: We scan the PC to detect the presence of viruses and check the status of the security systems installed. Our service includes automatic enabling of all present security systems so that all-round protection is activated.
  • Malware Detection: Finds out malware within a couple of minutes by scanning through the system memory. Even the virus definition database gets automatically updated so that the security application can ward off any new virus that attempts entry.
  • OS Optimization: We optimize Windows by turning off all the unused services and resetting the existing settings.
  • Trash Cleaning: We de-clutter the computer by deleting all unused data, temp files and redundant data from recycle bins, browser cached folders, etc.
  • Hardware Check: We scan the primary disc of the computer, its processor, graphics card and other important hardware components to ensure that everything is running in its best of health conditions.
  • System Check: Our experts check the data backup status of the system to ensure that all the data is secured and backup is properly created.

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