Support for computer diagnostics


Rooting out a technical problem can be difficult for an average user as among the many diagnostic tools available in the market, there are only a few that work in every condition. Computers need regular maintenance to keep serious breakdown at bay. No matter, how important it is to run diagnostic tools, users fail to keep up because of its time taking procedure.

How can we help you?
When you call on our numbers, be assured of getting comprehensive solution and detailed report of your PC’s working environment. Here are some of the services we perform on systems :

  • Run a Virus Scan

Regular and scheduled scan helps the user computer to stay virus free and run optimally. Our free virus scan is proficient to unearth the root malware causing the infectious PC.

  • Internet Connection Speed Test

Internet makes a computer breathe. Making it productive for the user to work on PC, an internet connection is a must. However, your computer might be at fault when you are not able to connect to internet, speed is slow, no file’s getting downloaded or other networking problem occurs. Our technicians can diagnose the cause easily.

  • Protect Windows

You want your Windows running without any error or malware. Apart from virus scan and fix, experts at DigitalBulls check for Windows update, install new compatible drivers; fix the corrupted files, if any.

  • Software Check

New installed software may not run on your PC if it’s not compatible with OS & system’s specification. Our experts will install the correct version of software and also brief you about the usage of application.

  • Troubleshooting Other Computer Problem

Our brainy executives are all time available with prompt solutions to all the computer problems. You can give us a call to get assured fix in least time applied in diagnostics.

Why Are We The Best Option?
We’ve dealt with thousands of customers and provided excellent solution to all their problems. Upon encountering a challenging query, we’re fully fledged of solving it within the time and budget of the customers. We offer:

  • 24/7 available for phone, mail and online support
  • Free computer diagnostics
  • Free virus scan
  • Guaranteed solution to all tech issues
  • PC optimization & troubleshooting
  • Affordable & efficient services

Free Question & Answer Session

Still confused about how we work? Call us at (855) 422-8557 and we will be delighted to help you. Schedule a question and answer session with our expert advisors.