Support for blue screen death

Blue Screen of Death, also called BSoD, acts as an ultimatum for users with any of the Windows operating system. The signature of Windows franchise, it started with Windows 1.0 as a preventive measure to stop the damage to system due to a corrupted file. It continued modifying the anatomy of BSoD as the years passed and technology grew. The name has been derived from the background color which used to be navy blue with silver texts until Windows Server 2012 launched. Cerulean has been used in the latest version including Windows 8 and Windows 10.

The Rescue Plan

BSoD issues make for the maximum number of calls that we receive from the customers. Our executives proudly flaunt their knowledge and experience while solving the issues of their customer. The overview of some of the common reasons that calls for appearance of BSoD :

  • Hardware Conflicts: Generously an issue of older versions of computer when the new device isn’t compatible to the connected one. However, Plug & Play Technology has greatly reduced its occurrence.
  • Hard Disk Corrupted: Corrupted hard disk can bring the computer to halt.
  • BIOS Setting: BIOS provides an advanced setting panel to its users which could be adjusted as per the convenience. New settings might hamper the work ability of computer and hence, restoration of BIOS factory setting becomes essential.
  • Overheating Components: Overload on computer might not only dwindle with its efficiency but also fail its cooling unit to keep the temperature under control.

Some of the Error Messages on Display
The language of error message is cunning set which is beyond the understanding on an average user. Hence, if you see any of these give below, land us with your call or query:

  • IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_ EQUAL : could be due to any software incompatibility or incompetence
  • NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM : indicates corrupted hard disk
  • KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED : tells about the drivers’ issue or missing case
  • UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP : shows hardware failure or conflict
  • DATA_BUS_ERROR : may be RAM/ROM issues


Why Us?
Our experts are extremely gentle and patient while hearing your worries and computer issues. They are trained in all types of BSoD problems on all versions of Windows OS. We’re one stop solution to many problems. Some starred performance traits:

  • 24/7 available over phone and internet to resolve your problems
  • Quickest diagnosis done & attuned solution
  • Services rendered by academically and practically tenacious experts
  • Affordability guaranteed with reasonable pricing


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