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One of the biggest reasons for computer running slow is while we use internet, certain programs run in the background, thereby, resulting in accumulation of useless files which hinder smooth functioning of programs & files and degrade speed of the system. Moreover, pending updates or outdated version of software & Windows increase the problem further.

What Causes Slow Speed Of Computer?

1. Presence of Unused Programs

How to fix it : Go to Control Panel and delete programs you don’t use.

2. Presence of Irrelevant Files like Caches, Cookies and Junk Files

How to fix it : Run cleaner on regular basis and scan your computer to detect and permanently delete such files by going on ‘cleanmgr’ under the Run command windows.

3. Outdated Windows

How to fix it : Go on Windows setting and check for latest updates available and accordingly install the latest version.

4. Lack of Scanning for Detecting Malicious Files

How to fix it : It is a must to have tools for detecting malicious files and check for regular threats. With the activation of license key, you can get rid of harmful files. Another way to do this is by going on Windows Defender Setting > Virus & Threat definition > Check for Threats and remove accordingly.

5. Lack of Running Disk Defragment

How to fix it : Run Disk Defragment to relocate the location of files in the disk for proper storage of data.

6. Unnecessary Extension on Browser

How to fix it : Check all extensions to disable those that are no longer in use.

7. Too Many Programs Running in the Backend

How to fix it : Go on End Task by clicking CTRL, ALT and DEL.

Some Hardware Causes

1. Less Internal Storage Space in RAM

How to fix it : Increase storage capacity of RAM by replacing it with more storage version.

2. Check for Hard- Disk and Windows

How to fix it : Replace the hard disk and re-install the new Windows.

3. Graphic Card

How to fix it : Check for graphic card to update it for better visualization.

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