August 8th, 2017

Why Businesses Need To Backup Their Data?

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If there’s one thing that’s considered the lifeblood of the business decision-making, it is ‘data’. Customers nowadays want the brand to take data and use it as a source to engage with them in real-time. As data is crucial, preserving and protecting it is quite important. However, more than 50% of organizations do not conduct daily data back-ups. Adding on is the fact that more than 45% enterprises have already lost their data in the cloud and had no other choice than restoring their information from backups. Not just this but 60% of the companies that lose their data and never get to recover it back shut down almost after six months.

One of the main reasons backing up data is important is risk of data theft. Apart from it, there are several other reasons as well. Want to know? Unveil them below:

1. Failure

Sometimes equipment fails and sometimes people fail. Mistakes happen and data gets corrupted. Once it is gone with no way to get it back, dire consequences show up their head. Being alert and using data online backup feature, businesses can escape these disasters.

2. Hardware Failure

Though hardware designed these days are capable of withstanding trauma, spilling of one glass of water can destroy a part of hardware that is important to the IT infrastructure. Then there are natural calamities such as flooding, lighting, etc. that can damage the hardware to such an extent that it turns unrecoverable.

3. Human Failure

Anybody can make make mistakes. However, sometimes the results are too destructive to violate the integrity of the data. As per observations, more than 45% of errors happen due to end-users. This is because they accidentally delete valuable information or add data that mistakenly skews a specific dataset. If there’s no way to restore, there’s no way to recover and one needs to do the same work all over again.

4. Customers

As said above, customers expect businesses to attend them personally at any given moment. In other words, customers expect access to needed information every second. However, if there happens this data loss, the resulting disruption will be felt by the customer and he/she will move on. What’s important to understand here is that if the data loss keeps on occurring, it will hamper the user engagement which will eventually affect the brand.

5. Temporary Storage

Physical devices that are used to backup the data are prone to same issues as any other piece of hardware. Mistakes, cyber threats, hardware failure and natural disasters can happen any time.

All these points show how important data back up is. Cloud backup offers solutions  that make it easy for businesses to access data anytime, anywhere and meet the customer need. With reliable data backup solutions, preventing the data from getting lost is way easy.

Be it any business, if it has no reliable data, it will definitely fail. This truth in itself underlines the importance of utilizing long-term solutions for recovery and data backup. Equipment failure and misuse by people are some of the common issues that disrupt a company. Businesses with no access to recover their data find challenges and face serious issues. Hence, make sure your company is miles away from undergoing this terrible situation.

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