September 28th, 2019

Top Mobile Device Security Tips For International Travelers

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Every time they check-into some international airport, some travelers start behaving like zombies. To ensure their luggage is not lost or exchanged they keep a constant glare on their suitcases loaded on the conveyor belt. Passengers usually do a number of things to keep their belongings safe like having a unique password for their suitcases and travel bags, but does that suffice?

We all want our privacy to remain intact as we cross the international boundaries. In the technology driven era, it is not only about the safety of baggage you are carrying but a lot more. This blog covers the important measures for safeguarding your mobile devices and a lot more as there is much that has got shared, saved and stored in there.

When it comes to addressing the question of protecting the privacy and security of mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, it is always said that they are not hundred percent secure in your home city. That said, there are some important things that gain even more significance as you travel abroad. Are you pondering what measures should be taken to keep your private information safe?

We have streamlined risk and information leakage reducing steps for you. The below given points are to be essentially followed for making sure that your travel is safe and secure from data theft perspective too.

Who Is A Potential Danger For International Traveler’s Information?

There is not one person to protect you from. Thieves, business rivals, governments, scammers, spies, fraudsters, intelligent officers and more are looking for tiniest of gap or overlooking on your part and they would perform bang-on intrusion into your hand-held devices.

As much as international travel experiences thrill you, they often bring along the higher risks too. It is seen that international traveling process is bit lengthy and complicated, therefore, mobile devices crossing boundaries are frequently associated with security threats. Moreover, the people on voyage have multiple things to take care of. Thus, even without their knowledge tons of them part their ways with secure traveling mobile habits.

Every person carrying confidential and sensitive data should take up some additional duties so that there is no inconvenience and losses for the bearer. Furthermore, the methods we are about to discuss about maintaining security of mobile devices are excellent not only for the international tourists but also for the general users.

So, without any further ado, let us straight jump to the ways highly effective to safeguard the data and information stored on any mobile devices you use.

Operational Security

As you step out of your home city you step out of your comfort zone. In this situation, your first lookout should be to keep yourself protected against cybercrime. This starts right from your first step you take out of your home. Being attentive helps you in the long run. As you observe and memorize your surroundings you can better prepare yourself to deal with any contingency. When you detect anything that is not normal you can act in accordance with your devices. People traveling in groups may or may not touch and use their devices with their companions. However, there is nothing of zero risk even with people you know.

Keeping & Transporting Devices Safe

Are you forgetful about your devices? If yes, then it definitely goes for you. Make sure the devices you have got onboard remain with you always. There is no way you can see them as safe when you are not carrying them. Make an excuse to have them with you even to the breakfast table. Carrying tabs over laptops is advantageous as they are lighter in weight and convenient to roam around with.

Even if you are staying in a 5-star hotel, the room is not safe to leave your devices when you are moving out. Considering hotel rooms safe is nowhere related to smart traveling tips. They all have the master keys and master codes which are well spread amongst the staff as well as others.

For that matter, you cannot even trust the hotel’s front desk. Try and understand that when your device is out of your sight and reach it is out of your control. Giving away the bag with your gizmos you are giving away the authority too. There are stories in which hotel staff helped out the thieves to take away their guests’ electronic devices. Sometimes they are even commissioned in this. When you are on an international trip don’t try to be extra helpful towards mankind. You can plant some trees or give food to beggars but don’t let a stranger walk in asking for using your cellphone. Before you would realize it can get swapped with an identical device. Keeping your mobile devices or storage mechanism such as SD card, DVD player etc., into checked luggage, you are again letting your confidential information going away into suspicious hands. Never ever take your sight off your passport, smart watch and memory cards.

It can seem an exaggeration to some but the fact is experts even second the thought of taking your important belongings even into the washroom. Well, the intent should be clear to make them stay in your sight even as you take shower.

Traveling and travel bags are closely associated and carrying them in the most obvious options like camera bag, laptop bag make you come in thieves eyes very easily. Don’t become an easy target for them by inviting them to steal your devices and much more important private information. You can consider buying travel gear brands that are especially designed to increase the difficulty level in opening the bag. These too are not technically very sound but they appear to be somewhat difficult than the backpacks, flimsy bags and laptop locks.

To somewhat extent RFID-blocking wallets and bags can take away your stress of traveling safe through airports. Though they do not completely block RFID but they are good at decreasing the range at which your device can be read. But don’t count on them for 100% security.

Contingency Consciousness For Guarding Mobile Devices

When you are outside you are watched and monitored round the clock. It is imperative that you understand the gravity of the situation. Whenever you are unlocking your mobile phone or other device you should enter data like PIN codes, passwords look around to check the cameras or people keeping a watch on you. Don’t let other people peep in your screen without your consent. If you have the option, go for disabling the display of the typed key for even short time.

Often at a new place, tourists swear by phone navigation for reaching different places. But this is as eye-catching as walking around with an over-sized folding paper map in your hand. In both the cases, a person can get easily spotted for being new to the place. It is important that you don’t keep a constant glare on your phone to understand the routes.

In spite of looking at screen multiple times within a minute, enable audio and plug single headphone to stay tuned to navigation directions. At the same time, it is important to stay aware of the surroundings. Don’t dig your mind deep into the phone with headphones and loud audio, just keep it audible and keep looking around normally.

If you are being approached by someone, be attentive as you can be targeted for a theft. Switch to private browsing so that you leave no history, cookies etc., behind you. In other words, there are no footprints to be traced. Also, it is not advised to use Wi-Fi at public places. It is though difficult to resist the temptation of using free Wi-Fi but it is highly important to stay out of reach of cybercriminals. In fact, you should disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use. Put the airplane mode on for ensuring the best security against most cybercrimes.

Automatic updates are to be rendered disabled and even after it if you are getting any update you need to remain cautious about the same. Idea of connecting to some random Bluetooth connection should be completely abandoned. As an extra shield for your protection use of encrypted third-party DNS provider is recommended.

Some tech savvy travelers love to show off their love for gadgets and gizmos but remember that carrying smartwatch or some other not-so-useful devices only create room for worries of losing data.

Software update and backups are a big no when you are on a go.

Social Media Precautions

No matter how tempting it is for you to post on sundry social media platforms you should refrain yourself from doing it when you are traveling overseas. You never know you are being watched over social media and this gives an opportunity to invade into your house.

Also, governments and some other entities could also be monitoring your movements and web history. Don’t share your traveling plans on social media like where are you and for how long you will be there. Besides being unsafe for you it can prove dangerous to your families traveling along or left behind at home.

These days, people generally flaunt their visits to expensive restaurants and cafes and give in their check-in details on Facebook etc. While doing this, they straightaway give some very useful piece of information to a malicious person. You might not know but geolocation tags stored in images can be used for gathering more information about you. Don’t give excuse to anti-social elements to exploit this information against you.

Enable your device to wipe itself with multiple failed login attempts. When configured to wipe you can use this to save your data from getting stolen when you make out someone is about to steal your device.

Avoid getting tagged on social media by people you are with. You can at least enable ‘approve tags of myself’ for approving these tags beforehand.


Undertaking these measures, can a person who is traveling abroad or relaxing on couch at home keep security threats at bay? Well, answer is not absolutely but doing these can help you set difficult target for the malicious people.

This is the best you can do to travel safe.

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