August 1st, 2019

Some Freaking Easy Ways To Clear & Boost RAM (On Windows 10,8, 7)

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There can be nothing more disturbing than a sluggish computer for any user. Most common reason behind leading to this situation is high CPU usage. Putting it in other words, your CPU memory is getting overtly worked up. Excess of computer applications in your system are taking a toll over performance and longevity of your PC. Competent memory cleaners are useful for fixing the computer slow down issues.

There can be numerous instances when you find your Windows PC running slow due to full memory. Freeing up or boosting system’s memory can fix its slow down issues.

RAM is an abbreviation for Random Access Memory which is an inbuilt feature in devices like Windows desktop or laptop and Mac, Android and iOS devices. It handles the storage department of your device and gets occupied with currently running programs on your PC. Its overloading can cause memory downfall of your PC and thereby, affects the efficiency of your system.

Why You Need To Have Clean Random Access Memory?

It is irritating in every sense to get stopped from completing task at hand while using computer or other devices just because of low memory. Several other times it causes severe implications like loss of application and data. It is required to free it up when your computer experiences lack of available memory. Quite like human brain, brain of computers too has limited memory especially, when it comes to learning something new and storing it too.

When the stage of memory saturation is reached, it is necessarily important to get it freed up. Due to rapid changes it undergoes, it is important to find a safer and permanent storage alternative for your data and files.

Signs Your Windows PC Needs RAM Cleanup

It is important to first establish the need to boost computer memory. Here are the ways to understand whether it is needed or not:

  • Check performance of an application on your device. It will start running slow when about to get full memory.
  • If you find unceremonious crashing of computer applications this can point towards the need to run a booster to free up your PC RAM.
  • In order to check its usage of your device you can take the following route:
    Open task manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+ESC
    And, click ‘More Details’ to confirm the usage in total

Most Easy & Effective Ways Of Cleaning Your Windows RAM

  • Computer Rebooting: Making your PC restart for freeing up Random Access Memory might sound absurd to many of you. But it does not come without a reason. With a computer restart, all the running programs resettle. Since the background processes will be clean, your system will expectedly have more space.
  • Turning Off The Unused Apps And Programs: When any application in your system takes too much time to start running, it indicates full memory. Its cleaning will be done immediately when you close all the unused apps and programs.
  • Switching To An Alternate Browser: Using other web browsers than what you use usually can help in a faster computer. This is so because not all browsers use it equally. It is therefore, a possibility that your browser is consuming more memory than Chrome or Mozilla. You can try these two to attempt and restrict its usage.
  • Close Unnecessary Browser Tabs: Some users are habitual of opening multiple browser tabs at a time. This leads your PC’s memory to over-work. Now content of each one of these tabs are warehoused for making the page instantly available with your click. You can instead bookmark important tabs so that you can open them anytime while performing a task.
  • Get Rid Of Browser Extensions: Browser extensions are typically used for their additional features. But we tend to forget that these also source malware and threats for your computer. Not only this, they eat up a large part of random access memory. Removing them is useful for freeing it up on your system. You can install and use the extensions that you are certain about.
  • Uninstall Software: As mentioned earlier, you can check the memory usage through Task Manager. Now when you are aware which apps are using major of memory decide which one you want to uninstall and which do you need. Apps those have not been in use for weeks and months can qualify for a quick disable or uninstallation.
  • Perform Malware Scan: Being regular at not only installation but upgradation of reliable anti-malware program helps in getting secured from malware and also it is great tool for boosting memory.

If you still don’t get the expected results to free up RAM, you can anytime speak to one of our professional technicians, waiting for your call.

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