September 20th, 2019

Printer In Error State: Fix The Trouble For Once & All

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“Oh God, too many documents to print within such a short span of time! Oh no, printer in error state! No, not again! Why does it happen all the time?”

Are these lines similar to your story? Are you fed up of dealing with this intimidating problem every now & then and are looking for immediate solutions? Well, this error is something that can be settled only through the required computer skills. Need not say, your best savior are the printer support executives who have wealth of knowledge & experience. Working in the same field since years, these experts quickly identify the reason behind the fault and fix it without wasting time. What else? They make sure you don’t find yourself trapped in the similar state again.

Since the bug is not that serious to lose sleep over, you can try taking the matter in your hands and solve the problem without any external help. However, you can do it only if you are a bit techie. Excited to give it a try? Great! Take a look at the below explained key tips & techniques and you will easily win this battle without any injuries. Jokes apart, points mentioned below are really helpful and make the task easy for you.

Here you go…

First Things First, Check The Connection

Now that’s understood even without someone telling you. Always assure that connections to the printer are on point; hence, check the connections between the PC and printer. If you find improper connections, make them. Before jumping to the troubleshooting step, conduct a test print job.

Get Ready To Restart The Device

This might surprise you but majority of printer errors and troubles are fixed by doing nothing beyond restarting the machine. Simply turn off your computer as well as printer for few minutes and turn them on again. To check whether or not the issue has been fixed, run test print job one more time

Lastly, Update Your Printer Driver

Another surprising fact for you! Usually, printer issues take place because users use printer driver that’s outdated. To see if this is happening with you or not, check your driver to know it is updated or not. If it is, well & good but if not, update it at the earliest.


And it’s time to say you goodbye! Hopefully, you found these tips useful and will use them to overcome ‘printer in error state’ error. To outgrow your knowledge even more, stay tuned with our blogs.

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