July 2nd, 2019

Important Computer Upgrades You Must Not Delay

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The current age of digital revolutions sees new and fresh innovations every now and then. Modern life is difficult to be imagined without the use of computer. It is equally important for a professional and a student both. People from different walks of life need it to stay abreast with the requirements of the digitalized world.

Earlier, computers gained fame because of the precision and performance they offered. But sooner they were amongst the top inventions of human civilization. With the significant computer upgrades they have now become the axis of modern life.

We have reached the stage where our lives depend completely on PCs and laptops. Our dependence on them for our work and social life has only increased in the recent years. Having a slow running system is a big hindrance in our fast paced lives. It is quite intimidating to wait for computer to boot or to compensate the time wasted. Planning to replace your sluggish PC with a brand new one? If yes, then below mentioned upgrades are for you.

These upgrades can not only improve the performance of your PC but they can also add years to the life of your system.

List of important upgrades that make your computer efficient

Before going ahead with these upgrades it is important to understand that upgrading or updating the computer is nothing but replacing the existing version of software or hardware with a newer version. Let us run you through the list of some effective updates your computer might be longing for:

1.Upgrade the Hard Disk Drive (HDD):

The moving part of hard disk drive, which is responsible for reading and writing information stored in it, keeps spinning for long intervals of time. This consistent spinning causes its wear and tear and it goes slow. It is also imperative to keep it clean of all dirt and dust or else information stored on it can be lost. Upgrade your HDD by Solid State Drive (SSD) as it is a ton times faster than HDD.

2.Upgrade the RAM:

Are you looking for better performance of your PC? Consider augmenting its memory with more RAM. If you are currently using 2 or 3 GB RAM, upgrade it to 4 GB RAM for general use. But if you want to use your computer for more things like gaming, you need a 8 GB RAM.

3.Upgrade the Graphics Card:

High quality images, videos and gaming (both online and offline) can be supported by the best version of graphics card in your system. High-quality resolution of newest version available for graphics card is grabbed by the professionals like photo editors and serious gamers.

4.Upgrade the Processor:

Switch from an older to newer generation processor only in special conditions like when your technical support partner suggests you that. It is generally an expensive upgrading and does not prove to be really effective in enhancing the computer’s performance. If slow processor is behind slow performance of your computer then it might be a better idea to replace the whole system in place of the processor.

5. Upgrade the Software:

Programs stored in your PC comprise of its software. If you are still adhering to the manual updating of PC software you can better put on the “update automatically” button so that you don’t miss any important software update. There are two kinds of updates that do not let any hitches come in the use of your PC.

Optimizations and bug fixes etc. fall into the category of minor update on the other hand introduction of a newer version of software is considered to be a major update.

What are the advantages of upgrading your system?

There are so many benefits of updating your computer on time, the major ones are listed below:

  • Better performance- Most of the users usually rely upon updating when they are in quest of improved performance. Give your computer a boost of energy with important software updates to make it more flexible and efficient.
  • Robust security- Security of the system is often a prime concern of any user. Updating the software provides better protection to your system against notorious malware and spyware. With each update, defense system of your system becomes stronger.
  • Added features:
    People who love experimenting and experiencing new things enjoy software updates. With these updates the users are exposed to new and exciting features. Let us have a glance of the benefits of upgrading Random Access memory.
  • Shun the possibility of another downshift-
    When you run a number of programs at one time, it slows down the performance of your PC. A 4 GB RAM enables user to run at least 15 programs simultaneously.
  • Increase the speed-
    When you upgrade memory, programs in your system run faster than usual.
  • Better browsing experience-
    There are people who do not know how to live life without using internet. It is not difficult to imagine how frustrating it is to survive with a slow browser. Internet browsers perform much faster than before once you upgrade the RAM.
  • Gaming-
    Game lovers in the house make some noise. If you want to have best gaming experience you can upgrade up to 16 GB RAM. RAM upgrade does not only improve the speed but also the visuals of a game.
  • Printing-
    With upgraded RAM it gets even possible to print faster because of the superior network capabilities.

Why your system needs to switch to SSD from HDD?

The undermentioned points explain the reasons best:

  • Speed: SSD comes with an access speed of 35 to 100 microseconds which makes it more capable of reading and writing fast. In other words, programs run quicker with SSD when compared to HDD.
  • Reliability: SSD is time proof as it has no moving parts and there is no question of their wear out over time, unlike HDD, which also means SSD can give better performance.
  • Data security: Vulnerability of HDD to mechanical failures is not hidden from smart users. To prevent data loss SSD can be used. It comes with an added advantage and is safe from physical damages too.
  • Power friendly: SSD when compared to its older counterpart consumes less power to perform its functions. Upgrading from HDD to SSD can help you contribute your bit to save energy.

Gains of upgrading Graphics Card:

The top benefits are as follows-

  • Faster gaming- Get rid of jerks and PC lagging with upgraded graphics card. Binge gaming is on smoothly for hours from now onwards.
  • Enriched video performance- Upgraded graphics card give you high quality videos and great color pixels too.
  • If you ever feel like your PC is not running as good as a new one, try these at home and ditch the desire to buy a new one. It is possible that you don’t feel to replace it for years to come.

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