January 3rd, 2020

How to reset router and why it is significant to boost up the internet speed?

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Internet is the greatest discovery of this modern generation and there is no doubt that today almost everyone uses it at offices and homes. We are now totally dependent on it and cannot even imagine our life without the internet. But like all other modern technologies and electronic devices, sometimes internet gets interrupted and suddenly stops working. When something wrong happens to the internet, the first thing we usually do is restarting our internet. But unfortunately, this trick does not work every time.

The internet connectivity and networking problems may also occur due to router issues. These kinds of networking problems can be easily resolved by going through a correct router resetting procedure. Reset router process lets the router set up from scratch and makes it work at optimum level. If you do not have any idea about how to reset router, then you should go through below mentioned points.

Step 1: Unplug router and modem

Although you can reboot your router and modem to overcome networking problems, unplugging router and modem is always a better option to fix such networking issues. Rebooting wipes out all your current settings that may be significant for you. Thus, rebooting should always be a last option. Instead, simply unplug your router and modem from the power sources.

After two or three minutes, plug in the devices again. Wait for a few seconds and let the devices to turn back on. These steps are very simple and easy to do and can fix many router not working issues in no time.

Step 2: Router firmware update
Updating router firmware is as crucial as updating other devices’ firmwares. Firmware updates provide many new features and thus, promote security. Router firmware is actually an operating system that is especially designed to make router functioning faster and interrupted. Thus, firmware update is the best way to recover numerous possible router vulnerabilities.

Firmware update is a little complicated procedure, but if you follow instructions carefully and correctly, then you can complete it flawlessly in just five to ten minutes. There are many reliable apps and websites available that provide firmware downloading and updating facilities to the people.

Please note, at the time of firmware update, you would not be able to use the internet.

Step 3: Download and update router apps

There are many router apps available today that provide app setting features with which you can easily update the latest version of routers. These apps are very easy to use and you can download them on your devices and mobiles in just a few minutes. It may seem to be a very small step, but can give you amazing results.

Step 4: Password

If you are still using the default router password, then change it immediately with a new strong password. Keeping the default password for all administrator settings is a common mistake that most people make, but unfortunately it becomes much easier for hackers to hack such default passwords because these passwords are very easy to guess. To reset router password, you can use same administrator tools that you use for firmware downloading and updates.

Hope these above mentioned points have provided you great idea about how to reset router correctly and easily.

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