May 28th, 2019

Here Is How To Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error

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If you are reading this blog, there are high possibilities that you are dumbstruck with Windows 7 not genuine error. It might have resulted in obstructing your routine activities on computer or it could have tolled down your PC performance to worse. You don’t have to worry about getting out of this situation as this post does it all to get you through effective solutions to beat “this copy of Windows is not genuine” error.

What Leads To This Error?

It is undoubtedly irritating when you receive a message on your computer screen reading as “This copy of Windows is not genuine” or “Windows 7 Not Genuine” on Windows 7. Stop scratching your head to imagining the possible reasons for encountering this error. It can happen because of a variety of reasons like expired license or use of fake window copy or windows update.

This error may have turned your computer screen black. Take it easy. It will get sorted along with the solution of this error. Following suggestions can cure your problem from its root. These suggestions are useful for the computer users that have bought and used original and genuine Windows 7.

Experts render free advice for not promoting piracy and bringing only original windows into use.

Directions For Fixing “Windows Is Not Genuine” Error

  • Initiate with clicking Start menu and look for cmd. As you find in search result you will locate cmd.exe on which you have to right click and further on Run as Administrator and Command Prompt will be given.
  • Just after receiving command prompt type the command, SLMGR-REARM without any mistake. Also your lookout should be to open the command prompt in administrator mode or else it will not work.
  • Once you are done with the previous step press the Enter button given on your keyboard so that execution can take place.
  • Making a hit on enter button you will find details of command execution.
  • Last step ends at restarting your PC for never finding Windows not genuine error again.

Alternative Method Of Getting Rid Of Windows Not Genuine Error

As mentioned earlier, the error of Windows not genuine may arise during updating the windows. Usually, the update settings remain confined to Automatic download and install updates, hence, proffering latest security, compatibility and a lot more.

Microsoft is regular at releasing updates to encounter the issues of authenticity. These updates in some cases generate false positive result and hence, your product key gets expired, ultimately leading to the Windows not genuine error. If you have also encountered the error after updating the Windows, you should follow the below given set of steps:

  • On reaching Start, locate Control Panel.
  • Hit on Windows Update given at the very bottom of control panel.
  • Follow the last step with clicking on view Installed Updates. You will find installed Windows updates listed here.
  • Uninstall an update KB971033 by double-clicking on it.
  • Cease the process by restarting your computer and with this “windows not genuine” error would not bother you again unless your Windows go for an update. You will find a permanent solution in disabling Windows updates.

You are all free to set background according to your choice now. Enjoy!

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