October 30th, 2019

Handle your Google Account Smartly with Amazing and Innovative Features

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Gmail, without any doubt, is one of the most popular free email housing platforms in the world. Today, you will hardly find anyone without an account on Google mail. It has a user-friendly interface and you can use it in a very hassle-free manner.

Even after using this platform for years, you still might not be aware of its most useful features. It has a number of impressive features which make using and managing emails convenient and highly secure.

A List of Useful Features of Google Mail You Should Know

Undo a sent mail: You can undo an email within 5 to 30 seconds to stop it from being sent to the recipient. To cancel it, select Undo button that appears at the bottom of the inbox after you have clicked the Send button.

Shortcut keys: Google provides lots of shortcut keys that increase efficiency and productivity by saving lots of time that otherwise is spent doing many things manually.

Forwarding and importing mails: Your account might get hacked and you might get in big trouble if it’s an active account. Thankfully, Google has a solution for this problem. You can set automatic forwarding option to transfer all your mails and contacts from one account to the other account.

Attachment reminder: It may happen that you send an email but forget to attach the file. In that case, Google will remind you to attach the file. So don’t worry about the attachments when you send a mail the next time, as Google will save you from the embarrassment.

Block user: Are you receiving lots of unwanted emails on a regular basis? You can stop it by simply blocking the user. Just press the “Drop Down” button next to the reply arrow and then select “Block.” The user will never disturb you again.

Restore address: You can synchronize all the contact details of your phone with your mail account. So there is no need to worry about losing all important contacts from your mobile as you can get them synced back again into your mobile from the Google account.

Multiple accounts accessibility option: If you have more than one account with Google, you can login all at the same time and within the same browser. By selecting the ‘Add Account’ option, you will be directed to a different tab that will let you login to another mail accounts.

Automatic reply: Are you feeling frustrated in replying to the same message again and again to different email users? Gmail has a solution for this. It has automatic reply feature that works by setting up a filter in your account so that when certain conditions are met, a standard message is automatically sent back to the targeted mail accounts.

Chat: Chat is one of the coolest features that Google provides to its users. There is no need to draft a mail and add a subject just to send a message. Instead, you can send a message on his/her hangout handle. You can set your hangout handle settings as online/offline with just a click.

Calls: Gmail provides free call facility to all its users. Just download “ Google Talk Plugin for Hangouts and you will get the “ Make A Call” link in your inbox.

Labels and filters: Gmail provides this facility for better email management. It does not use folders for grouping different mails. It uses filter approach for every mail by providing labels to every message. Mails will be categorized into different groups through the labeling in a virtual like folder.

Star icons: You can mark your important mails with different color stars and other signs like a check mark or exclamation point. It will help you to keep a record of your crucial mails separately.

Desktop notifications: You will get notified of new mails even if all the other apps in your system are closed. If you want to enable this setting, then go to settings, select “General,” and then press Desktop Notifications and Click on “ON” button.

Protection from spam mails: You can report mails for spam and Google will find similar messages that fall in the spam category and block them before they reach to your mail account.

Google Drive for large attachment: Although, Gmail has 25MB limit for file attachment, you can send a file bigger than this size by adding the file to Google Drive.

Increase the number of visible mails in your inbox: Google displays 50 mails in the first page of inbox. But you can increase this limit up to 100 for your convenience.

Account access permissions and security: You can share your mail access permission with others like your team members. For this, you just need to change your account settings.

It may also happen that someone is accessing your account without your permission. You can check it by clicking on the “ Last Account Activity Details” link that appears on the bottom side of the mail. In this section, you will get details like IP address, time of access and location of where you account has been login from.

Gmail Plugins: You can enhance the capabilities of your web browsers using powerful Google Plugins like SecureGmail, CloudMagic, Boomerang etc.

So use these amazing Gmail features and handle your mail account in a more efficient and secure manner.

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