October 10th, 2017

A Guide to Differentiate Between Scammers & Authentic Technical Support

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Internet is a funny place. It serves different purpose to everybody. In a quest to find its true domain, it can be quoted, “You find Problem, Question & its Answer at one place.

There are no machines which are 100% error free and your computer makes peace with those corrupted files, virus or any other technical glitch. With technology upgrades, now and then, the ‘demand and supply’ of repair & maintenance should remain balanced. However, people are tired of traditional methods such as taking your PC to a technician for getting it diagnosed and fixed. What’s changing the ground for receiving tech help is by contacting the tech guys online or via call.

What’s The Breakthrough All About?

There has been a continuous debate about how beneficial it is for customers and businessmen to operate at any odd hour of the day. There is no boundation of time such as when the store is open for the customers to bring in their diseased devices. Rather, you can give a call to the best tech support number anywhere in the world to get computer repair service in shortest time. Clients get the perk of making their machines work at cheap fees and instantly. No matter what you are struggling with- software installation, virus attack or email configuration- you name it, they’ll fix it. So, the old methods are crucified and online tech support is taking the hold aggressively.


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Whenever hackers come out with ways to enter your computer, the scammers follow their lead and spread like bees in the garden. It is no joke that 43% of people are successfully targeted which sums up to $1.5 billion dollar industry. Some of the most common ways that they trick you with, to steal your information:

  1. Confuse The Clients With Search Results

You must have noticed when you type ‘X Antivirus Company Tech Support’ on search engine, the engine shows you lot of options on SERPs. These are spiked pages which are meant to confuse the audience and get the traffic. Once you call on those numbers they’ll leave no stone unturned to grab your credit card credentials or bank details. Be careful of these scammers who pretend to be the Support Partner of famous companies like Norton, Google, Microsoft, etc.

  1. Lot of Cold Calling

Are you getting a lot of calls claiming that your computer shows reduced performance due to terrible virus attack? Well, legibly no company puts their customer care services on calling their users to tell them that they have issues with their computers. Fraud companies extract the data from web to disguise their intention to gain the remote control of your system. You wouldn’t know and their IT experts would fetch your personal information.

  1. Screen Freeze and Pop-Up Warnings

Ever experienced unstoppable pop ups covering your screen with warnings and alerts by your antivirus? Well, the hackers have found the way to grab your attention and distract you. Seeing inactivity and urgent messages, users are prompted to fall in their trap by few clicks which allow them to install ransomware and spyware in your system.


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The authentic computer tech support companies are hard to find. It’s a battle against those sophisticated scammers who are disguised in a very eloquent manner. However, there are clear differences between ‘Good and Bad’. Check out what sets us apart from the companies which are simply posers and into criminal practices:

  1. Read Reviews On Google, ShopperApporved, Yelp, etc

Everyone who has a good clientele will be praised by the users. There is no better way to ask questions and go through reviews to know about a company in depth. Customers share their experience which could say a lot about the services, a company provides.

  1. Search For Website

Every company who is providing online services will have a legitimate website which would give a better view of the standards of a company. Always do your research first before approaching for tech help.

  1. Payment Time

If you are asked for an early payment then you must know, it’s a SCAM! Don’t fall for it. In fact, very politely deny for their help. Any legal company asks for full payment only once they have provided the services and the customer is satisfied. Also, be very sure before spilling out your credit card information.

  1. Remote Access Policy

Giving away remote control of your PC or laptop is a risky task. Hackers will force you to grant permission of your system so that they could fix your technical problem. This is important to note that Teamviewer and other software have ‘Access Restriction’. Make sure of it and any time when you find the tech guy wandering around in your computer, don’t stress out before ending the connection.

The dark side of the industry shouldn’t affect your ease therefore; you can always trust our genuine and customer-oriented services for your undisturbed computing experience.

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