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What is Facebook?

It’s a social networking platform. Facebook was invented on 4th February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his university colleagues (Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes). Because of Facebook, we can be close to our far living family members or friends. Here on Facebook people can share videos, photos, and posts like what they are feeling or doing right then. Facebook is a plate form where we can chat with each other in a group or single. It is also useful to make video and audio single or group calls by using its chatting app messenger.

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Facebook login on Web:

The Facebook login process is so easy and common. You need to just open your browser and type www.facebook.com.

Then type your username or email address of your Facebook that you have set while your Facebook account creation. Then type your password and click on login button.


Facebook login on android phones:

On a mobile phone, this is also an easy process. You just need to visit www.facebook.com on your mobile browser. Then follow the same process that we discussed above. You can also use the Facebook application. For that first find a Facebook app in your device or download it from the play store. After completion of installation open it and type your user name and password. Then press the Login button under the password box. You can also create an account by tapping on the ‘’create new account’’ button under the login button.


Forgot password? No problem!

In case of forgot your password, it is also easy to recover your account. Open the facebook.com page and click on the ‘’forgot password’’ button. It will take you to another page.

There you will need to find your account. Put your Facebook email address or your phone number then click the search button.

At this time the Facebook team will send a code to your email address or mobile number.

Put the code in the box on the page and click the confirm button. And change your password.


Facebook account easy login:

Once you login to the Facebook account the browser will ask you to remember your account. If you accept that prompt, your account will be saved for your future login from that device. You will just need to click on your account icon and type your password to log in. No need to type email or user name anymore then.

What is Facebook messenger?

It is a messaging application that is connected with our Facebook account we can use messenger for our Facebook chatting. It is developed and launched by Mark Zuckerberg. By messenger, we can make video and audio calls in group or single. We can chat here also. we can use messenger by login into our Facebook account by any device.

How to login to the messenger?

For this, you will have to download and install the messenger application on your mobile phone. After the installation opens it and provides your Facebook account details like the user name or email address as well as the password then tap on the login button. Once you login to the Facebook account you will be automatically login to the messenger. It will redirect you to your messenger chat boxes.


Switching Facebook accounts:

You can switch your account to use multiple accounts in one browser. You can use multiple browsers to use multiple Facebook accounts but this is simple for you to handle your multiple accounts just by switching them.

First of all login to any of your Facebook account and go to the button switch accounts at the top right side of the screen. When you click it you will get multiple account icons if you didn’t add any you can add a new account to switch also. Click on the icon and type your password for the account you're clicked to open.

Switching account on messenger:

You can also switch accounts to handle multiple accounts on messenger. For this log into messenger and tap on your profile icon. There scroll down and look for the switch accounts button. Click on the button and switch to another account or add another account by following the instructions which are too easy to understand.

Secure login or 2-step verification:

Facebook gives priority to our account security. We can secure our account by turning on the feature of 2-factor authentication. For this, you will login to your Facebook account then go to settings from the arrow-like button at the right corner of the screen. When you click the settings, search for a login and security option from the left side options on the screen. After this scroll down and look for 2-factor authentication. Click on the edit button given with an option. Once you click it another page will appear. There you will enter the password of your Facebook account to verify it’s you. Press the enter button now. You will get a page to turn on the 2-factor authentication. Click on the text messaging. It will require your mobile number to be verified. Enter your mobile number and press the enter button.

After this, you will get a code on your mobile to enter that code in the given box on the page. Press the enter button. Now you have set your 2-factor authentication for your future login. Whenever you login from any new device you will get a confirmation code on your mobile phone to verify it’s you. Type the code on the page then you will be logged in. you can allow the browser for future login without 2-step verification.

The 2-step verification can be used by providing your email address too.