Support for email from another computer

Can you access your mails from another computer? Can you check your mails from another PC, even if it is your organization’s own webmail? The reply is ‘Yes’ as DigitalBulls offers comprehensive email help services using the latest remote desktop support technology. We can facilitate you to check email from another computer. You just need to know the URL or internet address of your company’s webmail or any other email provider that you use. Type in the exact URL in your browser and hit ‘Enter’. Call us 24 x 7 x 365 for any sort of assistance.

Problem with Most Email Clients

Many of the email clients need to be installed; post successful installation these mail clients can be used. Users face problems when they try to use these email clients from other computers to access these mails. DigitalBulls comprehensive email access support services embrace all these problematic issues and we offer solutions for all these problems, 24 x 7 x 365.

Want to Access Your Mail Using IMAP or POP?

DigitalBulls can help you accessing your mails from another computer using IMAP or POP. You just need to bear in mind your SMTP server name, IMAP or POP server name. Copying the account settings from the email program is the easiest way to keep count of these details. We can help you access these mails from any other computer.

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