September 13th, 2019

Data Loss And The More Obvious Reasons Leading To It

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No matter how advance the computer technology has gone in the yesteryears, users still face problem of losing vital information from their PCs. Sadly, there is no hardware equipment and apparently no software that is going to keep your data and files safe from loss.

Before we dive deep into the common causes of data loss, it is possibly a great idea to explain what data loss is. Putting it in the simplest manner- data loss is inability of a user to access data at its standard place by typical means because of some software or hardware hitches, not to forget it can be due to inadequate or wrong actions of user.

Generally speaking, data loss reasons are of two kinds- physical and logical. When user loses data due to any problem with some or the other physical component, it is a physical failure while logical failure is the inability to access information due to issues pertained to its logical configuration.

Hardware failures

Hardware failures make the common most reason of data loss accounting to its 42% occurrence. There are so many computer parts involved in these failures like hard disk drive, computer memory, motherboard, CPU, and power supply.

Usually, it is the corruption of disk storage that results in data loss. Data maintenance since is not your forte, let the recovery be done by a trained professional.

Human errors

Computer users often make mistakes, either due to their inexperience or carelessness while operating their systems which in turn results in loss of crucial information. Human errors contribute to as much as 30% of cases of data loss.

Let us have a glance of different ways that lead to loss of data that fall into the category:

1. Accidental deletion of important files

While operating PCs users delete some important files unintentionally. There are two ways of removing file from the memory. When the user opts for the two step procedure of removing files with the help of the recycle bin, the possibilities of accidental deletion of files are minimum. It is because the deleted file can be recovered from the recycle bin. But when user takes the alternative route to perform file deletion by pressing Shift + delete keys, the recycle bin is surpassed and file gets permanently deleted.

2. Overlooked disk formatting without backup

Paying heed towards important files at the time of formatting is mandatory. If a user acts negligently towards creating a backup copy before formatting the disk or disk partition, it can lead to loss of important data. Realizing the mistake when installation is in process does not create any difference.

3. Overwriting file contents

‘Save’ command is very powerful in itself. Making changes in any word document, excel sheet, video, picture etc. is possible but once you press the save button new contents takeover the original ones. No matter how much you wish but there is no data recovery program that can get you the same original content. You would have to start right from the scratch.

4. Improper ways of recovering the lost data

Sometimes lack of knowledge is better than half-knowledge, as it goes right with data recovery attempts. Oftentimes, users in attempt of recovering the lost files take actions that lead to irreversible data loss.

Software crashes

After discussing the hardware failures and human errors, it is now important to dive into the third most common, accounting to 13% of data loss cases-software crashes. There are further types of software corruption including:

Backup software. At the time of backing up files, an error may happen due to which it may appear that the copies could not be created. The sad part is this error may cause the deletion of the files.

File editors. File corruption can happen by a file editing software. Also, in the process of saving mass files some files may get saved rendering rest for damage.

Antivirus software. Unfortunately, there have been cases where antivirus program has mistaken good files to be malware and removed them from the system.

Converters. Possibility of an error cannot be ruled out at the time of altering the file format.

Computer viruses

Malware, computer viruses etc. are lethal for data maintenance. Virus invasion can create problems of several kinds including leaving it completely useless. These are nothing but small corrupted computer programs which carry virus or malware. These programs have the special ability to spread and infect devices they get an entry into. Their presence in any system is damaging, they are responsible for deleting or damaging data without having the user’s consent. In fact, they work against the wellness of the users.

One should refrain himself/herself from visiting suspicious websites, downloading from unknown sources, opening attachments from unfamiliar senders etc. And most importantly, one should never ignore the importance of using genuine antivirus software.

Data Theft

Cases of theft are relatively less- approximately 5% but when seen in totality this is a number hard to ignore. Getting physical devises robbed from the users can result in misuse of their financial and confidential information. Besides the physical devices getting stolen there is a major concern of logical robbery.

Cybercriminals oftentimes target the customer databases of banks and financial institutes, big corporate etc. It can be very intimidating to know that logical data theft is even beyond the periphery of data recovery companies. They can only perform forensic inspection of the system to track down the source of breach. Taking up precautions are more fruitful than taking actions after the incidences of logical data theft. Using updated antivirus programs and encryption along with use of strong and non-generic passwords, deploying secured data management systems work to protect you from being an easy prey.

Miscellaneous Causes

Catastrophic events such as floods, earthquakes, fires etc. also lead to remaining 3% of data loss cases. While expecting the most unexpected events is difficult but what comes easy is staying reasonable with investing time and resources in off-site backups like cloud solutions.

Also, recovery of data from even the damaged physical components of computers is still possible. You should however be non-experimental towards trying your hands on data recovery unless you are a specialist.

Getting back to the state of normalcy even after encountering the ugliest loss-loss of precious information is possible. Recovery of deleted files is still possible provided you are aware of the know-how. Contact the data recovery center as soon as you realize the loss, if it is not in your capacity to deal with it. Remember, it is not something you can experiment with.

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