September 26th, 2017

Then and Now- The Transformation of Technical Support Business

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Technology-oriented business world seeks instantaneous technical solutions that are not only fast but reliable and reasonably prized too.

There are sundry ways of availing technical assistance for copious computer complications. How do you like to get it? A phone call to arrange a personal visit at your place, rushing down to local technician with hanged up screen or getting live assistance?

Every computer user sooner or later searches for technical support assistance. For the limited indulgence of manufacturing companies into technical support and the unlimited queries generated every minute across the world, it is not possible to get the direct support. Most of the users find the cheap solutions to a myriad of computer related problems from independent technical support companies. Elimination of tech origin glitches is seldom possible without professional intervention. Technology is extensively used in the business world and there are layers and sub-layers to the faults related to hardware, software, and network.




From the very first day when technology knocked the door of a common man, technical issues started surfacing.

There were and still are the computer repair shops that are run by semi-skilled people. Honestly, the past of technical support was not very bright; instead, it will be right to say that it was dark. How? Keep reading further.

It will not be justified to tell that there were only frauds in name of technical support but yes as any other industry predatory companies were running the technical support business. It was more relevant to find such repair shops and centers in small towns and countryside.

First, they charged their customers irrationally.

Second, the solutions were not guaranteed and were not the permanent fixes.

Third, lack of knowledge and skills. Often the person with tools and parts of a computer in hand did not know ABC of computer repair. In other words, many computer technicians were not even close to the problem, let alone solution for it.




With continuous development in the field of technology, better turnaround time and quicker responses have changed the whole scenario.

Customers get attended hand to hand and are provided solutions to all their problems with surprising proficiency. However, no tech expert can deny the fact that the challenges in technical support industry are dynamic as they keep on growing with time and updates. Innovations ironically are simultaneous to new IT issues.

Contemporary technical support knows the online support as it is not only easy, convenient but fast and relatively inexpensive too. The only difference here is the number of users and the devices possessed by a person and possibilities of encountering faults and this all sum up to a huge business.

The business of online computer support is flourishing. Massive users in different businesses and home users including students together contribute to its success.

In the early 80s where e-commerce was opening its eyes for the first time, virtual technical support made space for itself in many years. It is said to be in existence for a long while but there is still a long way to go in the field since it has got a huge potential.

Reportedly thousands of independent support companies proffer their services virtually by accessing the computer of the user and solve major problems with the help of remote session. They are getting popular mainly amongst new generation who need the best assistance in terms of quality of services and the prices without wasting time. Since young computer users trust the remote support, it is predicted to be a bright future for remote support.



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It is quite in fashion to avail remote assistance for a plethora of super difficult technical problems. You can always place a call (on the toll-free number) to speak to a gentle geek but would you mind saving bucks to get the cheaper solution.

No, you are not being asked to compromise with the quality of the services. But how about moving your fingers to type a message instead of dialing a number?

What all we are asking you to do is getting live chat support from probably the same techie you would speak over the phone. Whether it is your screen or your printer, we have solutions for all your problems. Don’t let them affect your productivity and efficiency in even the smallest way. You believe it or not panicking will not help the situation neither the thought of returning the laptop to the manufacturer will.

Instead of getting the phone assistance for some $100, you can avail step by step guidance to repair your computer for a fraction of a cost. And why the cost should overshadow the other advantages of live chat support feature. Imagine the situation when you are in middle of a class or traveling and you are not comfortable to speak to someone over the phone, without delaying it any further shoot your questions to get instant replies by the most qualified and experienced technicians. Have a word and learn lot more about your laptop, Smartphone, notebook, antivirus and more.

Get the explanations and the solutions fast and precise over chat, the present generation way of communicating.



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Future predictions are quite promising as far as technical support industry is concerned. It will not be stopping anywhere and will make you see some big surprises. Augmented reality app, strong support systems, self-aware machines, robots to hand on support are as of now just the ideas but you never know you will be soon making use of few of them, if not all.

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