June 28th, 2018

Blue Screen Error: The Inside Story Users Must Know

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We all salute Microsoft for its operating system, Windows but if ever asked about a Windows related problem, most of us talk about BSOD.

Generally known as Blue Screen of Death, the error signifies a fatal issue in the system. It also indicates that Windows can’t operate any further. Level of irritation rises up more when the problem shows up in the middle of an important task.

Is the Error Good or Bad?

Not that bad all the time! Yes, that’s true because sometimes, there’s a simple update which is behind the error. Talking about other times, there’s some sort of adverse hardware issue like troublesome CPU cooler. In this case, the CPU overheats and hence, Blue screen error appears with a good will to save the hardware from damaging.

At times, BSOD is related to software/BIOS problems which are easy to fix without technical help from outside. However, when there are hardware issues, replacing the hardware is the only choice.

Common BSOD error codes

  • STOP Error 0x00000001: Here, drivers are the evil as they conflict with the software. But there are other issues as well like problem associated with registry, wherein, Windows has problems with its files.
  • Solutions: Check the drivers and if the issue is still there, run a Windows System Repair.In extreme cases, checking the amount of RAM the motherboard supports is recommended. The BIOS must also be up-to-date.
  • STOP Error 0x00000005: This error is caused by corrupted or improperly installed drivers. However, some users have reported anti-virus programs and firewalls as the possible reasons.
  • Solutions: Re-installing the drivers to latest ones is the first line of defense. As an additional aid, it’s good to look in the Event Viewer and see which driver is creating all the mess. Anti-virus programs and firewalls must be checked as well.
  • STOP Error 0x0000000A / STOP Error 0x000000D1: Both these errors are caused by a multitude of problems and are probably the most intimidating type of BSOD errors. Incompatible or outdated drivers, Windows system services that lead to operating system turning unstable or incorrect RAM timings and outdated BIOS are to be blamed.
  • Solution: Looking in Event Viewer to determine whether or not there are any specific details that can be collected.
  • STOP Error 0x0000007E: Spyware, malware, firewall software and antivirus are the culprits that cause problems in the registry.
  • Solutions: Looking for software or checking if the current program is updated. In extreme cases, it is suggested to repair Windows and checking the disk through CHKDSK (hard drive/SSD). Lastly, it makes sense to ensure that the boot priority is accurate in the BIOS.
  • STOP Error 0x00000023 / STOP Error 0x00000024: A corrupt disk or insufficient memory lead to these errors.
  • Solution: There has to be enough RAM. For this, Task Manager should be looked upon to see if memory capacity is being exceeded.

The Fixing Guide

  • Method 1: Action Centre

Users can open the Action Centre to eliminate the bug. BSODs and other types of errors are analyzed by the Windows.

  • Method 2: Boot System in Safe Mode

Booting the system in safe mode helps to a great extent. User must shut down the system and wait for some seconds. When system is started again by pressing F8 key, Windows appear. This helps to boot the system in Advance option.


  • Select the boot option
  • Click “Safe Mode” (if the error is because of internet); else, click on “Safe Mode with Networking”.

Windows load only the needed drivers in Safe Mode.

  • Method 3: Check System Storage Device & Connections

If BSOD is still there, hardware problem should be looked upon. System’s memory has to be tested, as there might be a faulty hardware. If excess overheating, system’s temperature should be checked. If nothing works, experts are the only solution.

  • Method 4: System Software Driver Update Check

Outdated software or improperly installed drivers also invite blue screen error. Latest version of the driver must be downloaded, as it helps to fix the problem that happens because of drivers.

  • Method 5: System Restore

This is done to roll back all the software to the previous version. If this works right, the error is due to any software issue.

  • Method 6: System Scan

Virus are often the culprits behind blue screen. They must be checked using an antivirus to scan the system and ensure the error is not because of any virus attack.

  • Method 7: Re-install Window

Last technique suggests re-installing the Windows on the system with new Windows system. If still the problem persists, there must be a hardware issue. Calling the experts is the ideal way that works.

And It Was All

Blue screen error creates hurdle in the workflow. With the suggested solutions, overcoming the problem is easy and guaranteed. However, if you feel like taking technical support for BSOD, contact us at (855) 422-8557 for immediate solutions.

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