July 11th, 2018

Best Antivirus Windows 10 ! It’s Hidden In This Post

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Have you recently upgraded to Windows 10 or thinking about it? If so, you may be asking yourself, “Whether or not, I need antivirus software?” Technically speaking, you don’t, as Microsoft 10 comes with Windows Defender, a legitimate antivirus protection that comes built-in. But as each antivirus is different, you must ponder upon the recent studies that say, Defender isn’t that effective. Now on that very note, you got to hunt for the ‘best antivirus Windows 10’ thing.

According to an AV Comparatives 2017 study, as compared to other antivirus software, Windows Defender is less useful in terms of usability, performance and protection. Also, it lacks user-friendly features such as – built-in VPN or Virtual Private Network. All these reasons further makes it important to go for a software that safeguards your computer from virus attacks and online threats to let you surf the web without any trace of worry or second thoughts.

Did You Know? About 200,000 and 300,000 new viruses are discovered on a regular basis.  

Giving you a glimpse of benefits that are possible to grab with the best antivirus software minus Defender, we have framed the below perks. Scroll over them if you really want to pamper your PC.

Your Windows 10 needs the right antivirus tool because:

> It provides intact protection from viruses as well as worms, adware, spyware, rootkits, Trojans and keyloggers.

> At times, you by mistake, click suspicious links or attachments in the emails. Doing so redirects you to untrustworthy sites that are a pool of adverse hazards. With reliable tool by your side, possibilities of getting affected decline to a great extent.

> You get freedom to explore the Internet and hackers are not able to track or steal your personal details such as credit & debit card details, passwords, social security numbers and bank account access.

> Firewall feature incorporated in the antivirus program blocks unauthorized incoming connections to your network or computer, which eventually forbids hackers from instilling their hooks into your system.

> Virus infects the computer in a way that processing speed is degraded and there’s possibility for files and images to get deleted or modified. This way, irreparable damage is caused, which costs you high with hefty funds. Staying away from these harmful consequences is easy with antivirus.

> Protection from spam increases to folds and as obvious, you stay at bay from being bombarded with emails and ads that are of no use. You may not know but spam happens when there’s a virus living inside your PC.

Virus Vanish Gives You All The Benefits

We have launched our very own promising product, Virus Vanish, an antivirus software that’s created by our eminent team of techies. It is easy to install and has got a number of mind-boggling features that zero the possibilities of your computer.

This exclusive tool allows you to scan your system and check if there are any bugs on your system or not. The moment any virus or malware is found, it is disposed off at the earliest.

Features For You:

> Apart from throwing away the virus, Virus Vanish also finds and eliminates spyware, bots, malwares and Trojans.

> Being light weight, it gets installed within minutes.

> The software doesn’t skip any virus or malware, no matter how much hidden they are.

> The tool assures all-round security against Windows e-mail, Outlook Express, and e-mail programs through SMTP and POP3.

> Rootkits are scanned, detected and removed for protection that’s 100%.

> USBs and other removable devices are scanned automatically.

> ‘Erase files with Virus Vanish’ feature deletes details of irrelevant and useless files. When there’s no clutter, speed of the system is up all the time.

> Pre-configured or custom scans are available and can be scheduled as per your comfort and ease.

> Quick, custom and full scans are possible, as per your need.

> If threats are not detected completely, the software auto-processes and fixes them

> Useless cookies are identified and removed

Want to make this amazing software yours? Download it now.

Antivirus Is The Protection Layer

Online threats and attempts of cyber criminals increase almost each second. You won’t even realize when your computer is trapped by their actions and you face the consequences. To maintain distance from virus attack and their wrath, you can’t say no to antivirus program. Having it by your side doubles the safe healthy of your very beloved PC. Waste no time and give your Windows 10 the security it deserves.

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