May 4th, 2017

5 Magical Tips To Keep Your PC Running Like New

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Maintaining the performance of computer and ensuring it works just like new is quite easy. Surprised? Well, that’s right, as all you need to do is perform a little maintenance every day. You will be thrilled to know that implementing some really easy tips can fix your computer’s slow speed and help it accepts commands and respond within seconds. It has been noticed that behind every slow computer, there are some really small issues. With this important point in mind, let’s unveil some of those reasons along with easy fixes.

1. Back It Up

You must be thinking that this isn’t something you are not aware about. However, repeating it won’t cause any harm either. A number of users lose important information and data due to hard drive failure. If you are one of them, now is the time to promise yourself never facing it again. With the help of better and advanced options, it has got easy to back up the data and refrain from losing it ever.

2. Turn Down the Volume

Let your computer run like a winning horse by ensuring it has enough space. No matter what happens, always keep the data volume to minimum and prevent the hard drive from suffocating. Remember, whenever you add a program or install software or game, you contribute to loss of speed. For those who have extra hard drive, it is good to install the less used programs in the secondary drive. Documents, photos and other sort of data can also be stored on this drive.

3. Safety Should be the Priority

Be it day or night; morning or noon, make sure your PC is protected every second. For this, never go online without having a reliable anti-virus software installed. Whether you have to check emails or explore search engine, anti-virus is a must. Besides, make sure it is updated with the latest version. Nothing could be a better way to keep virus and malware attack away from your PC.

4. Keep the PC Ventilated

To keep malfunctions at bay, keep your computer in an area with proper ventilation. Moreover, air venting on the system shouldn’t be obstructed as this is an ideal way to avoid overheating. As understood, overheating invites a number of issues; hence, with this one easy tip, you can let those faults take a back seat. For laptop users, the tip is avoiding placing the laptop on a cloth or soft material like bed as it can lead to blocked air vents.

5. Keep it Clean

Clean the interior of your PC fixed intervals. Always keep the computer free from dust and dirt. Circuitry, vents and fan need to be kept clean.  Compressed gas can be used to this job. Doing this only twice a year can keep overheating and circuitry damage to minimum. Remember to unplug it first.

Implement these simple tips and your computer will turn into a superfast machine without having the need to spend hefty amounts.

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