May 29th, 2018

4 Ways To Fix A Slow Computer

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Leisure movements always relate to old aged person. A person who is healthy and young is likely to move fast. The same is expected from a healthy PC. Sluggish performance of your laptop or desktop narrates the history of some undesired occurrences in recent past. In other words, the computing machines that are in good working condition will not bother the users by slowing down.

Sooner or later almost all computers encounter the speed problems. When faced with such problems the most rational approach is to find slow computer fix ways. Only rich brats can feel good about dumping their laptops troubling them with sluggishness.

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Imagine a night when you were all planned to rock the office presentation on the day ahead with your smart analysis and illustrations. Suddenly your laptop freezes and it does not respond to the restart attempts. Structuring a presentation from the scratch in such short duration will be a lot challenging.

You will realize the true importance of fixing slow performance of your laptop on facing similar situation but don’t you think it will be a little too late? Instead of heading to mall for getting a fancy replacement you can count on these tried and tested methods of getting better working performance from your machine.

1. Accelerate its startup.

If you can bring your not so willing kid back from your neighborhood by the time your computer starts, then definitely the start needs a push. It is certainly taking more time than required for booting.

You may don’t have dozens of reasons for this crawling start of your laptop but there can be dozens of programs that can inflict its slow down. Disabling startup programs can help you see watch it fly. It is your choice to decide between comprehensive tool and window configuration. You can find it by going to search and type msconfig. Uncheck boxes against programs you don’t want to run every time your computer starts. Printer for example might not be required to run.

2. Clean it up.

Getting rid of the pain of PC’sslow performance can be as simple as cleaning clutter from it. Make smart choices for surfing internet smoothly. For example internet explorer users can switch to Google Chrome as it is the best browser in the market.

Further you can make the necessary checks regularly like clearing browsing data and bid adieu to temporary internet files like cookies, browsing history and download history. You can bank upon online cleaning programs. The free downloads can prove very useful for removing temporary files and hence making your computer run just like a new one.

3. Cut Down.

Moving a step furtheryou have to remover what all is not required. Slim down and feel the difference. But it is much more than uninstalling the lesser used programs.

Switching to programs and applications that don’t use much of computing power is a smart alternative. Free applications can speed up your PC while giving additional features.

4. Update and upgrade.

Instead of avoiding update notifications you should go for automating them. You can invest your whole afternoon in updating everything after getting frustrated. Otherwise the smart way to fix slow computer is to make fast and free programs scan your computer for reporting back any available updates.

Future of your computer is in upgrading. Upgrade its memory to make it work faster. From surfing to gaming your computer has to do a lot. You better increase the memory for meeting your speed expectations. Best way you can do it is add more random access memory. Many users find it convenient to buy RAM online.

Other measures you can take to enhance computer speed include turning off visual effects, defrag computer hard disk, restart frequently and keeping a check on virus infections.

Remember replacement can always not be an option. You should thus focus on adding years to life of your PC.

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