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July 20th, 2018

Your 4-Step Guide To Find The Best Virus Protection Software

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When a user buys a new computer, they by default get free trial version of a particular subscription antivirus suite such as Symantec and McAfee. Upon expiration of the free version, a sum of money has to be invested to own the antivirus tool so as to kill the bugs in time. Is this something you believe as truth? Well, in that case, you can enjoy best virus protection with buying these popular tools.

For those of you who are taking it as a joke, tests by the computer experts have proved that being safe online doesn’t mean spending a lump sum that’s way too much. With knowledge about finding the best antivirus program, staying away from malware, spyware, adware, viruses and online threats is an affordable matter. Some free time from your day is the way to find your PC’s friend, after all security of digital identity, data and financial transactions are at stake.

If you are extensively engaged in using Internet, messaging, emails and various other web services, your priority has to be finding a solution that secures your Internet usage.

How to Find Best Virus Protection?

Every antivirus is different and not each of them provides usable and reliable solution that offers protection 24/7. It may surprise you that researches conducted on the very popular solutions found not all of them worth the immense appreciation they get. So, how to find the one for your PC? Read the below given check list:

1. Reliability

You may not know but even the most trustworthy antivirus program turns useless if it conflicts with other software that run on your system. This is because conflicting results in malfunction or say temporary suspension in the process of working as an antivirus.

2. Usability

Antivirus solution that needs certain set of skills to be used is annoying and impractical for most of the users. Tools that asks too many complex questions or force to make complicated decisions are possible to increase operator errors. Moreover, if the solution is way too difficult to run, it may urge the user to disable it.

3. Comprehensive Protection

A good antivirus software provides all-round protection for all computer domains, all network elements and all sort of files that are at risk of being attacked by a virus or malware. Also, it detects harmful code and acts as protection for all channels or entry points to the PC that include Internet, email, FTP and more.

4. Degree of Protection

No matter you want security solution for Windows or Apple, it has to work in an aggressive and challenging environment that changes all of a sudden. Trojan horses, worms and viruses are some of the challenges it must battle with flying colors. Quality of protection is dependent on:

> Frequency and regularity of updates
> Potential to remove infections from every part of the computer
> Ability to detect malware effectively
> Efficiency in delivering 100% protection without affecting performance of the system

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