10 Tips to make your computer efficient
January 25th, 2018

10 Tricks Every Computer Users Must Be Good At Doing

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No matter how good one is with computer and technology, there are times when unpleasant situations show up. Sadly, dealing with these problems is not easy all the time. Below are given 10 things every computer use must learn for an easy and interrupted experience.

Even if you think you are good at everything, check out the below points, as you never know when you get to learn something new. It won’t be wrong to say that the more you know, the less you will come across troubles. Let’s start now but in the reverse order.

  1. Settinga Backup System

Setting up takes no more than few minutes and is something very important. There are many tools that let you back up to an external drive. Need not say, these tools will keep you safe if your system undergoes failure. However, there are situations that are more disappointing. To protect your information from such possibilities, use online services available these days. No matter where you are, you data will remain protected even if anything goes wrong with the hardware.

  1. Using Shortcuts

Using shortcuts keys is always a good idea that saves time. From saving your file to find a word or print something, everything is possible with right combination of keys. Though you may find it confusing or troublesome at first but after few times, you will get used to it.

  1. Protectionfrom Viruses

With the right antivirus by your side, you can protect your computer from every consequence. However, before choosing the antivirus software, you must know the difference between viruses, Trojan and malware. Apart from PC, these programs are available for smartphones as well. Besides these software, make sure to avoid opening suspicious links, installing programs from sources that ain’t trustworthy and clicking malicious pop-ups.

  1. Setting Up the Network

Understanding routers, modems and related network things is something nobody is interested in. However, there are some basics that help to fix major issues. If your router asks for resetting again & again, check it isn’t clogged or overheating. Also, check your Wi-Fi speed to determine it is normal or not. Use prompt solutions to fix these issues.

  1. Keeping PC Away from Crap

You may not know when junk gets installed on your machine. Not everyone knows but Crapware is a very major problem with Windows. However, right tools and needed knowledge help to stay away from it. Installing the useless stuff will solve the problem to a great extent. Stay away from unwanted software and programs to keep your system clean & organized.

  1. Accessing Home Computer from Anywhere

With some really wonderful devices, you can now carry your files where ever you go. This lets you use your PC from anywhere. For instance, you can use some apps to log into your system from another machine and use it the way you want. Access a program or check a file, it’s all up to you.

  1. Keeping Computer in Perfect Order with Maintenance

If you think maintaining your PC is tricky, you will be happy to know that it has got easy now. Doing just a few things can help you keep your system run fast and smooth. Then there are certain guides to help you with timely maintenance tips that will keep your PC function like new. Also, there are useful tips for smartphones too.

  1. Sharing File Between Two Computers

Transferring files between two computers is quite east these days. Yes, you can do this over wireless and wired network, no matter it’s between two systems or more.

  1. Finding Lost or Stolen Gadgets

Not only it is possible to track iPhones and Android phones, it is now also easy to track every laptop that goes missing. Moreover, you can get the the photograph of the person who might be using it. What else? You can also find your misplaced camera. Protecting your personal data was never this easy.

  1. Securing Personal Information

Internet is not a safe place; hence, everyone needs to be careful about their personal details. Strong passwords, not using open public Wi-Fi networks, etc. are some ways to stay safe. With a number of ways available online, you can get a checklist for staying secure online.

So, these are 10 things you must know to keep your computer & smartphone experience trouble free.

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